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Authentic Shungite

What Makes Our Shungite Authentic?

As with all semi-precious and precious stones, there are different grades of Shungite stones. Lower grades contain less carbon, making them less therapeutic. Lower grade Shungite is also generally not as beautiful as higher grades.

And, just like there are imitation diamonds, there are ‘imitation’ Shungite stones. They’re known as fake Shungite. Although they resemble Shungite, they do not possess any of its beneficial properties.

If you’re looking for high-grade Authentic Shungite, we have what you’re looking for!

Authentic Shungite

Before we delve into the details about Authentic Shungite and what makes it genuine, we should establish what Shungite stone is, and what it isn’t.

Shungite stone is technically not a stone but a mineraloid. (For the sake of convenience, we refer to it as a stone.)

Mineraloids are rocks comprised of an element whose atomic structure is not crystalline.

Shungite has no crystalline structure, so it is not categorized as a crystal.

Shungite is a carbon based mineraloid. It varies in color from gray to deep black to silvery black based on the grade of Shungite.

And for those wondering, Shungite is definitely not coal!

Where Is Shungite Found?

Shungite stone is found in only one place on the planet. The northwestern portion of Russia which sits between the Baltic Sea and the White Sea is where Shungite is found

This area of Russia is known as the Republic of Karelia and it boasts the largest lake in Europe, Lake Onega. Close to Lake Onega is where the deposit of Shungite sits.

Is Shungite A Meteorite?

There is a theory that Shungite is actually a meteorite that hit the earth over 2 billion years ago. The crater that is now Lake Onega is said to have been formed by this meteorite.

The evidence that backs this up is the fact the rare hollow-bodied carbon molecules found in Shungite were first identified in space.

The secondary evidence that backs up this theory is that Shungite is found only in one relatively small area on earth.

There are geologists who dispute this meteorite theory and classify Shungite as a stone that was formed during the Precambrian era on earth.

The evidence that backs this theory up is the fact that the area of Russia where Shungite is found is home to many stones from various ancient geologic eons. Some of these eons predate the Precambrian era.

So, the verdict on Shungite’s origin is not yet out. Whether a meteorite, or a Precambrian era stone, what is known is that Shungite is over 2 billion years old.

Fake Shungite

Now that we have established what Shungite is, let’s look at what Shungite isn’t.

Fake Shungite, as the name suggests, is not Shungite.

In the world of semi-precious and precious stones, fake versions of coveted stones are not unusual.

As is the case with Shungite.

Fake Shungite stones are imitation stones. They may visually look like Shungite, but they do not possess any of the beneficial properties that Shungite does.

Most of the fake Shungite stones come out of India, Pakistan and China. They are black, and some might even contain small amounts of Carbon, but their structure is dissimilar to Shungite.


Shiedlite is not Shungite. Shieldite does not exist in nature. It is a product. Shieldlite is a composite of various substances, some being organic and some being synthetic. The exact formula is not known.

Our purpose is not to compare Shungite to Shieldite, but just to let you know they are different.

How To Identify Real Shungite

As with anything, looks can be deceiving! So it is with stones. So, you can’t go just by looks when identifying real Shungite, because you could get fooled.

What sets Shungite apart from all other stones is its electroconductive properties.

Shungite can actually conduct electricity!

This is due to its high carbon content. Shungite is the only stone to possess this unique property.

Shungite Test

The best Shungite Test is to use Shungite to close a battery circuit and light a small bulb.

This test is kind of like a science test you would do in grade school.

It’s not complicated to do, you just need a battery, two wires and a small bulb. You connect your wires to your battery. You attach one wire to the bulb and you place the bulb against the Shungite. You then place the second wire against the Shungite.

Genuine Shungite will complete the circuit and light the bulb everytime!

About Our Authentic Shungite

All of the Shungite at Growing Healing is genuine, authentic Shungite.

We source our Shungite only from the premiere mine in Karelia, the Zazhoginskoe Mine.

Our standards are high. All of our items are individually carved from single stones of Shungite. Inferior Shungite products will be cast from Shungite powder.

Using the whole stone provides the full spectrum of benefits Shungite has to offer, producing a superior product.

As all of our pieces are individually carved from stone, there is no need to coat the items. Our Shungite is manually polished, never coated.

Coatings can interfere with the stone’s clearing field and grounding abilities.

In addition to the whole stone being more therapeutic than just Shungite powder, using the whole stone produces a more beautiful product!

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