Fibromylagia is classified as a syndrome, as its symptoms are so varied. Widespread pain and fatigue are two of the major symptoms experienced by sufferers. A new syndrome, its symptoms were defined in the early 90′s and its cause has been attributed to “neurochemical imbalances and the activation of inflammatory pathways in the brain which results in abnormalities in pain-processing”, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Allergies and chemical sensitivities were usually discovered in Fibromylagia sufferers, along with chronic headaches and sleep irregularities. At this time, conventional medicine focuses on alleviating the symptoms through medications, with results that are not always so effective.

While mainstream science focuses on ‘band-aiding’ the problem, many sufferer’s have taken initiative to improve their condition by altering their lifestyle. One sufferer in particular, found a direct link between her exposure to EMF fields and her Fibromyalgia.

She writes:
“But have you considered that perhaps electromagnetic fields and dirty electricity may be causing your fibromyalgia flare ups or even part of the root cause of your fibromyalgia? I recently learned about this influence on the body and realized it was most definitely part of the reason why I had fibromyalgia years ago. My fibromyalgia came on hard and strong after it had been under control for a few years once I began driving a long distance to get to chiropractic school.”

She goes on to chronicle the high EMFs in her car as well as the constant exposure to EMF fields she was receiving through endless hours working on her laptop both in school and at home. She goes on to write that she has consistently found a direct link between exposure to EMFs and her Fibromyalgia flare-ups.

This correlation, although ignored by mainstream science, makes perfect sense when the inflammatory impact upon the immune system by EMFs has been continuously documented through various research studies.

As stated in the well-respected Bioiniative Report:
“… there is substantial evidence that ELF and RF can cause inflammatory reactions, allergy reactions and change normal immune function at levels allowed by current public safety standards. The body’s immune defense system senses danger from ELF and RF exposures, and targets an immune defense against these fields, much like the body’s reaction in producing stress proteins. These are additional indicators that very low intensity ELF and RF exposures are a) recognized by cells and b) can cause reactions as if the exposure is harmful… Chronic inflammatory responses can lead to cellular, tissue and organ damage over time. Many chronic diseases are thought to be related to chronic problems with immune system function.”

In terms of Fibromyalgia, it seems as though avoiding exposures/substances which create an inflammatory immune response is key to mitigating symptoms and controlling flare-ups. In addition to lessening the amount of chemicals one is exposed to by eating clean food, drinking clean water and avoiding contact with pesticidies, etc., lessening one’s exposure to EMF fields seems to be an important component to reducing any type of inflammatory reaction, including those associated with Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

It is interesting to note that Fibromylagia Syndrome became prevalent in the 90s, the same decade that saw the passing of the Telecommunications Act. The 1996 Act heralded the widespread installation of cell towers throughout the United States, thereby exponentially increasing background radiation (RF) exposure to levels never before experienced by any life-form on earth, including man.

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