Although the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) recently categorized RF radiation as a Type 2 Carcinogenic (a cancer-causing agent), pervasiveness of cell towers, use of cell phones as well as the increase in Smart Meter installation and the Smart Grid (all emitters of RF radiation) has undoubtedly increased, with the majority of the public unaware of the potential health risks associated with exposure to this type of EMF pollution.

An article published in the Elsevier Medical Journal by two scientists our of the University of Albany states that exposure to RF radiation by users of RF emitting technology, as well as by non-users who are exposed to background radiation, has resulted in serious short-term and long-term adverse health effects.

Short-term Effects from RF Exposure:

  • altered circadian rhythm
  • suppression of melatonin release
  • overall hormone disruption
  • impairment of cognitive function
  • inability to concentrate
  • behavioral changes
  • blood sugar imbalances

Long-Term Effects from RF Exposure

  • generational impacts on health secondary to DNA damage
  • lowered immune function
  • miscarriage risks
  • effects on sperm quality and motility
  • increased risk of cancer
  • increased risk of neurological diseases (Alzheimers and Parkinsons)

As the scientists go on to document the myriad of adverse health reactions associated with exposure to RF radiation, they lament the lack of education as well as regulations surrounding this dangerous threat. Their concern is double for the health of the children exposed to such frequencies, as they point out their growing bodies’ are more vulnerable and susceptible to the radiation’s effects.

The scientists go on to speak to the mounting scientiific evidence associated with RF exposure:

“There is credible scientific evidence that RF exposures cause changes in cell membrane function, metabolism and cellular signal communication, as well as activation of proto-oncogenes and triggering of the production of stress proteins at exposure levels below current regulatory limits.”

“There is also generation of reactive oxygen species, which cause DNA damage, chromosomal aberrations and nerve cell death. A number of different effects on the central nervous system have also been documented, including activation of the endogenous opioid systems, changes in brain function including memory loss, slowed learning, memory dysfunction and performance impairment in children, and increased frequency of headaches, fatigue and sleep disorders.

As the article states, there is credible scientific evidence that RF exposure has deleterious effects on the health of the body. As its use proliferates and the Smart Grid is enacted, the public will be exposed to unprecedented levels of RF, leaving many to call the advent of wireless communication “The Great Experiment.”

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