Our Cuboid is carved from a single stone, never cast from Shungite powder. Large Shungite Cubes are known as ‘Cubes of Power’ as they emit strong earth energy that conveys feelings of security and support. Harmonize EMFs while creating a supportive environment with the Cuboid.  Large Shungite Cubes are traditionally used in places of business.



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Cuboid – ‘Cube of Power’

Large Shungite Cube

Strong EMF Protection, grounding and density. Nothing says earth energy like the Cuboid. Large Shungite Cubes are known as ‘Cubes of Power’. Their energy is very dense and solid. While their clearing field does not reach as far as that of Shungite pyramids and spheres, their clearing field is denser.

The Cuboid harmonizes all types of EMFs; including wired, wireless and 5G. It also clears all types of Geopathic Stress Zones, which are harmful ground radiations.

In addition to its powerful clearing field that reaches for almost 500 square feet, the Cuboid has a very strong grounding energy that can help us to feel secure and supported in our environments. Traditionally, the ‘Cube of Power’ has been associated with business, making the Cuboid perfect for placing in offices and anywhere business is conducted.

Organic Carbon

Due to its high Organic Carbon count along with its naturally occurring Fullerenes, Shungite has been used in Russia for hundreds of years to improve health as well as aid in recovery and rejuvenation. With the advent of artificial electromagnetic frequencies and microwave radiation, Shungite has become sought after due to the stone’s unique ability to ‘filter’ these frequencies.

Organic Carbon is a powerful adsorber of impurities, while Fullerenes are master antioxidants. Combined, the two create a synergy that has landed Shungite the name of “Stone of Life” in Russia.

Authentic Shungite

Authentic Shungite is our own line of Shungite products that are sourced directly from the Mine in Russia. They are carved from a single piece of Shungite, rather than cast from Shungite powder. They are also free from any type of coating. Coatings on Shungite can interfere with the stone’s clearing field.

Sacred Geometry of the Cube

Sacred Geometry is the study of shapes and mathematical formulas that appear in nature. The Cube shape can be found in mineral crystals as well as common items such as salt. There are also many small bones in both humans and animals that are shaped as Cubes.

The Cube shape is dense and associated with the solidness of earth.  When Shungite is carved into a Cube shape, its clearing field becomes altered and it takes on the property of the shape from which it emanates.

The larger the Cube, the stronger and farther reaching its energy field.

This gives the Cuboid a lot of dense earth energy. Perfect for grounding, steadying and supporting.

Cuboid Benefits

In addition to its powerful EMF clearing properties, and its ability to harmonize Geopathic Stress Zones, Russian studies have found Authentic Shungite may help to:

*Balance the central nervous system

*Help to normalize sleep patterns

*Regulate circadian rhythms

*Ease joint pain

*Speed up recovery times

*Balance emotions

Studies on Sacred Geometry have found the cube shape may help to increase:

*a sense of belonging and a strong foundation




*feelings of security

Origin: Russia

How To Use

Although the Cuboid contains more Authentic Shungite than a sphere or pyramid shape of similar size, its clearing field is less in terms of reach. This is due to the Cube shape, which causes a denser clearing field that does not project quite as far as other shapes.

The Cuboid emits a clearing field for 22 feet in all directions, so one Cuboid will clear a 484 square foot space.

Due to its solid and supportive nature, the Cuboid is a great addition for all types of spaces where people congregrate; work spaces, offices, practitioners’ treatment rooms, family rooms, etc. Its steady energy makes it a great choice for sleeping areas.


The Cuboid measures roughly 4 inches by 4 inches and weighs a little under 6 pounds. As each piece is individually carved, there can be slight variations in size.

Its edges are nicely beveled.

The Cuboid is polished after carving, so its surface is shiny.

Authentic Shungite will have noticeable grey and white streaks that become prominent during polishing. These are naturally occurring veins in the stone and are normal.


The Cuboid might arrive with some black dust on it. This is from it just having been carved. Simply wipe it down with a damp rag to remove the dust.

Authentic Shungite is self-clearing. So, unlike crystals, it does not require periodic clearing. However, it is fine to occasionally clear the Cuboid by setting in direct sunlight for several hours or via smudging.

Weight 6 lbs


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