About Growing Healing

Growing Healing (formally known as EMF Blues) is a Mom and Pop Shop that began on the web back in 2006.

In 2006, selling EMF Protection Devices was not the norm. EMF Pollution was not fully understood and few people realized the health consequences of continual EMF exposure.

Today, EMF Pollution is considered to be a new form of toxin. Naturopaths, Functional Medicine, Chiropractors, Nurses and even some Medical Doctors understand the health issues that can occur due to chronic exposure.

Growing Healing focuses on boutique devices that harmonize electromagnetic frequencies by transforming them. Our first line of EMF Protection Devices that we offered were a type of Advanced Ceramic. These devices worked great for the earlier forms of EMF Pollution, but we soon discovered that 5G frequencies required stronger devices.

Authentic Shungite became the solution.

In 2019, we began carrying Authentic Shungite for 5G. Due to the effectiveness of Shungite on all types of frequencies, we chose to stop carrying the Advanced Ceramics and as of 2022 now carry Authentic Shungite exclusively.

Authentic Shungite is our own line of Shungite that is high-grade enough for use as EMF Protection.

Growing Healing is based out of Tennessee. When you make a purchase, your order will ship out of Nashville.