Shungite in water in Lake Onega in Russia

Shungite Water

Long before scientific published studies existed, the Russian people of Karelia were using Shungite Water to drink and to cook with. They knew the water benefited them and their animals, keeping them healthy and strong. At that time, Shungite was not yet called Shungite, so the charged water was simply referred to as the “water from the black stone”. The “black stone” eventually became known as Shungite, named after the village of Shunga’ in Karelia, a Republic of Russia, where it is found. (Above is an image of rough Shungite stones along the bank of Lake Onega in Russia.)

Peter the Great’s Shungite Spa

Shungite Water is a general term used to describe water that has been infused with Shungite stones. This water has hundreds of years of documented use in folk medicine, starting with Peter the Great in the 1700s. Peter the Great built a factory close to Lake Onega in 1714 for the production of copper. The Lake Onega area in Karelia is where the main deposit of Shungite is found.

Workers at the copper factory started to become ill. They were getting copper poisoning from the ore they were processing. It was found that the ‘living water’ from a nearby spring was able to cure the workers within days. Peter the Great ordered an investigation of the water from the spring, which flowed out of a deposit of Shungite. Various illnesses were found to be healed by the water, with scurvy and liver disorders being among them.

Martial Waters Spa

The Tsar then constructed the first Shungite Spa on the shores of Lake Onega in 1719. He called it Martial Waters and he and his family visited it often for healing. An article entitled “Inquiry on the True Properties of the Martial Waters of Konchezero” was written during that time about the benefits the water conferred to those who visited the spa. Listed were several illnesses that the waters were reported to heal.

A Natural Antiseptic

Peter the Great, now aware of the “black stone” water’s antiseptic qualities, issued a decree that all of his soldiers were to carry the ‘black stone’ (the name Shungite was not yet used) in their packs and place it in their water flasks so as to disinfect the water to prevent dysentery. In that period, dysentery was a very big problem for soldiers. After Peter the Great’s death in 1725, the Martial Waters Spa were closed. The ‘living waters’ were forgotten about until the 1960s when a new spa was built and further research was done on the water.

At the time, these modern clinical studies did not create much worldwide interest in Shungite within the scientific community. It wasn’t until the discovery of fullerenes in the 1980s that the scientific world became interested in Shungite. Suddenly, a spotlight was shown on the stone, as it is the only natural source of concentrated, organic fullerenes found on earth.

Protects from Radiation

Since the 1980s, there have been many published studies done on Shungite. Most of these studies focus on the stone’s unique ability to protect from radiation, a property that is credited to its fullerenes.

In 2003, a study was conducted using Shungite Water. The study was published in the Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine.

  • The study exposed two sets of lab rats to radiation.
  • After exposure, one of the sets of rats was given Shungite Water to drink for the following 15 days.
  • The control group was just given regular drinking water.
  • After the 15 days, the rats drinking the Shungite Water had a 95% survival rate.
  • The control group only had a 63% survival rate

The scientists concluded that the water infused with Shungite had a protective effect and was able to protect the body of the rats from the damaging effects of the radiation.

Practical Application in Field of Oncology

Radiation treatments for cancer have a negative effect on the blood. Blood cells are damaged during treatment, largely due to the thermal heating caused by the radiation. The naturally occurring fullerenes in Shungite were found in studies to stabilize biomolecules that have been exposed to excessive amounts of heat. The Ukrainian Academy of Medical Sciences decided to conduct voluntary experiments on cancer patients undergoing radiation treatments using Shungite Water.

Detailed blood work was done on the patients before, during and after receiving radiation treatments. One group was given Shungite Water to drink throughout the treatments, the control group was not. It was found that the patients drinking the Shungite Water during the radiation treatments had normal blood levels return after two weeks of stopping the radiation. The group that did not drink the Shungite Water did not see a return to normal blood levels for three to four months.

The radiation emitted from wireless devices has a similar thermal heating effect on the body’s tissues as radiation treatments, although not as strong. So, while not proven by any studies, it is possible to theorize that drinking the water would protect the blood from the clumping that has been shown in studies to be caused by exposure to wireless radiation from cell phones and other wireless devices.

Shungite Water for Diabetes

Patients with diabetes were given the water to drink. It was found to stabilize the metabolizing rate of carbohydrates and improve overall well-being.

Shungite Water for Digestion

Water infused with Shungite was given on an empty stomach to those suffering from colitis, gastritis, pancreatitis and cholecystitis (inflammation of the gallbladder). It was found to reduce bloating and acid reflux, as well as improve regularity. Overall, the Shungite Water had a toning and anti-inflammatory effect.

Experimental Medical Use

These uses of water infused with Shungite are anecdotal reports from the White Springs Sanatorium in Russia. The Sanatorium has been using Shungite Water in various applications since 2001 and report excellent results.

The Sanatorium uses Shungite baths to improve circulation and has found arterial pressure returns in patients with vascular disease after a series of baths. Musculoskeletal illnesses treated with a series of Shungite baths resulted in increased range of motion, diminishing of swelling and a decrease in pain. Hives and skin rashes were found to be eliminated after a series of the baths.

Localized application into noses was found to eradicate acute rhinitis.

Shungite Improves Water Quality

Shungite can be used to make Shungite Water, or it can be used to filter pool and tap water. Shungite filters have been used in Russia and eastern Europe as an alternative to carbon filters for years. Filtering pool water with Shungite was found to improve the microbial quality as well as the overall physical composition of the water. When used to purify tap water, Shungite removes contaminants while improving the water’s structure. Chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, and other microorganisms are removed. The water becomes enriched with fullerenes and there many health benefits. Shungite is currently at the center of many innovative water treatment technologies.

Shungite Charges and Structures Water

The main deposit of Shungite on the earth is found next to the second largest lake in Europe. The earliest documented use of Shungite for healing was spring water that had been naturally infused with Shungite stones. Shungite seems to have an affinity for water. And it does remarkable things to water when it comes into contact with it. Shungite has been found to purify water, as well as charge and structure it. The charged water is what we refer to as Shungite Water.

The benefits of Shungite Water can be used by anyone in their own home to improve health and beauty. It has been reported to improve skin tone and reduce sings of aging when used for the face. It has also been reported to stimulate hair growth and density when used as a final rinse after washing. These beautifying properties are no doubt due in part to the powerful antioxidant properties of fullerenes.

How To Make Shungite Water

There are many different opinions on how to make Shungite Water. Through trial and error, this is the approach we have found to yield the best results. We prefer using only Elite Noble Shungite stones to make Shungite Water. Elite Noble contains the highest concentration of fullerenes as well as carbon, so it yields the most therapeutic water.

We like to sanitize the stones used first by placing them in boiling water for about 1 minute. We recommend beginning with filtered water, distilled, or spring water, as we are using the Shungite to charge the water rather than just purify it. So, we like to start off with clean, high quality water. We prefer to use a glass vessel, as there is no need to be concerned about leaching of plastics into the water. You can use as many or as few pieces of Elite Noble Shungite as you see fit. The more you place in the jug, the ‘stronger’ the Shungite Water is and the faster it is ready for use.

For those who plan on using the charged water for cooking and teas, as well as in beauty treatments, it can be helpful to do a ‘continuous brew’ type method where you add more water to your jug as you remove water for use. This ensures you always have an ample supply of Shungite Water on hand.

Do I Need To Replace The Stones?

We have not found the effectiveness of the stones used to charge the water to wane over time. This could be due to the fact we are starting with clean water. Therefore, we don’t recommend periodically replacing them. However, we do recommend removing them from the water on a weekly basis and gently rinsing them to refresh them. If you are using Shungite to purify unfiltered tap water, then we do recommend changing the stones about every 6 months, in addition to their regular cleaning, as these stones are absorbing a lot of impurities on a regular basis.

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