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Frequently Asked Questions
About Shungite

What does Shungite do?

Shungite’s unique properties enable it to harmonize electromagnetic frequencies and radiations.

The stone also provides strong grounding energy when worn on the body and when placed in the environment.

This grounding energy enables it to balance the energy of the body. This is known as polarity.

Shungite can also be used to filter water and to charge water. This means it removes the impurities in the water while restructuring it. Structured water has been shown to be better at hydrating the body, as it is more readily absorbed.

How to clean Shungite?

Shungite is made up of a large percentage of Carbon. Carbon is very soft and Shungite fresh from the mine will often have some black powder on it. This is just Shungite powder and is safe and non-toxic. It can be removed by wiping the stone down with a warm, damp cloth.

How to cleanse Shungite?

Shungite can be periodically cleansed just like you would any gemstone or crystal. It can be placed out in the sun or rinsed in water. Or even cleansed with smoke as in smudging.

Unlike most crystals and gemstones, Shungite does not hold on to old energies, thanks to its high Carbon and Fullerene content. So, while periodic cleansing of stones is always a good thing, with Shungite it is not as necessary to do.

How to use Shungite?

On its own, Shungite is a beautiful stone and makes a great addition to anyone’s jewelry collection and to one’s home decor.

But coupled with Shungite’s inherent beauty is a strong and unique ability to harmonize electromagnetic frequencies and radiations and to increase health and wellness.

Bringing Shungite into a home or space will increase the beneficial resonance of the space. The Shungite will harmonize stressful electromagnetic frequencies and radiations while increasing grounding energy. This creates a better energy environment for people, pets and plants.

Shungite has been shown to purify air, improving air quality.

Grounding is also another benefit to Shungite. The stone has the ability to recalibrate energy so it aligns more with the natural resonance of the earth. This connection to the resonance of the earth is known as grounding and has many health benefits.

Grounding has gained popularity over recent years, as the increase in technology and EMF pollution has brought people back to the need to reconnect with the natural environment. Grounding helps us do this. While we can’t always walk outside on the grass barefoot to ground, we can place Shungite in our home and wear Shungite as jewelry.

Can Shungite get wet?

Yes, Shungite can get wet. Shungite jewelry can be worn when swimming or bathing.

When making Shungite Water, stones can be left in the water jug overnight, or longer.

Does Shungite block EMF?

While some people refer to its as blocking EMFs, we like to be more technically accurate. Shungite actually harmonizes EMFs. The stone does this by filtering the frequencies through its hollow Carbon molecules and then rebroadcasting them out.

These hollow Carbon molecules are called Fullerenes and they have many amazing abilities that are unique to them.

The newly filtered, rebroadcast frequencies are no longer stressful to the body, but rather beneficial.

This can be tested using basic Muscle Testing.

Is Shungite magnetic?

Shungite is not magnetic. This makes it safe to use on and around technologies. Shungite will not affect the functioning of tech.

Is Shungite electrical?

Shungite is not electrical, in that it does not produce electricity. However, it is electroconductive. This means it is able to conduct electricity. Electrical current will flow through Shungite, which is a very rare attribute for a stone. In fact, Shungite is the only stone that is truly electroconductive. Hematite might have some properties, but not enough conductivity to complete a circuit to light a bulb. This property belongs to Shungite exclusively.

How to identify Shungite?

In order for Shungite to be real, true Shungite, it needs to be electroconductive.

There are many stones on the market that look like Shungite, but are not. These are inferior stones that are usually mined from China and India. The only true Shungite mines are in Russia.

So, if a stone does not come from Russia, it is not true Shungite.

Also, if a stone is unable to conduct electricity and complete a circuit to light a bulb, it is not real Shungite.

How to activate Shungite?

Fortunately, Shungite does not need to be activated! It is the inherent composition of the stone on a molecular level that gives it all its wondrous properties.

Shungite is ready to be used as is upon arrival. No activation needed.

Is Shungite Water safe?

We only recommend using Elite Noble Shungite stones to make Shungite Water.

Regular Shungite, the type that can be carved into shapes, is a highly therapeutic stone with many great uses.

However, it contains a lower Carbon count than Elite Noble Shungite.

When making Shungite Water, we like to use the purest form of Shungite. The form that contains the highest amount of beneficial Carbon and Fullerenes. This purity of stone guarantees the healthiest and purist Shungite Water.

Does Shungite absorb radiation?

Yes, Shungite does absorb radiation. Technically, it would be called adsorption. Absorb is based on volume, adsorb is based on surface area. Shungite, like therapeutic clays, has a lot of surface area molecularly, based on the shapes of the Carbon molecules. These surface areas are able to attract chaotic frequencies, such as altered radiations and manmade radiations. They are also able to attract radioactive particles, toxins, heavy metals, bacterias and viruses.

Does Shungite have healing properties?

We prefer to say Shungite has the ability to increase wellness. Shungite has been shown to increase overall immunity, to improve recovery times, to strengthen immunity and to speed up the healing process after illness and surgery.

Rooms of Shungite are used in Europe and Russia as sanatoriums. Patients recovering from illnesses and surgeries are placed in these Shungite Rooms as the effect of the Shungite is to strengthen the body and improve healing times.

By putting the body in a beneficial resonance, the body is able to work better and more efficiently.

The crux of the issue of EMF pollution is the body being placed in an energy environment that is hostile to it. The body is unable to function as efficiently, this leads to dysfunction which leads to acute symptoms. Eventually, if the energy environment is not improved, the acute symptoms can become chronic conditions.

Does Shungite protect from EMFs?

Yes, Shungite does protect from EMF pollution. Invisible, yet very real, EMF pollution is a new type of toxin. In fact, it is the fastest growing form of pollution in the 21st century.

Never before has mankind been exposed daily to the amount of artificial electromagnetic fields that put the body in a weakened state.

The first electric light bulb was commercially patented by Thomas Edison in 1879. As electricity began to be put into urban homes, there was already evidence of changes in the health status of those living in homes that had electricity.

The advent of wireless communication has created a situation that is much more aggressive than wired EMFs from electricity.

Wired EMFs offset the body’s functioning, as the body is electric. However, the wireless radiation used now has the ability to break DNA, which is what leads to cancers, tumors and birth defects.

Wireless radiation can also increase the temperature of the tissue. While the radiation that is currently allowed to be brought to market does not heat tissue so drastically as to cause necrosis or burns, the long term effects of the chronic slight heating are unknown.

Shungite placed directly on technologies, placed next to technologies or placed in rooms will provide a highly sophisticated form of EMF protection known as harmonization.

This is the method you find in the natural world. The transmutation of frequencies into other resonances. The act of blocking EMFs is not seen in the natural world.

Blocked signals do not allow technology to work, and often will increase the wireless signal of that technology as it works to connect. This actually increases the radiation output of the device, the opposite effect of what you want to do when protecting from EMFs.

This is why we only promote harmonization of frequencies through transmutation, with Shungite being the ideal medium for this.

Natural and ancient, the stone has played a valuable role in the health of the Russian people for centuries.

In modern times, patents using Shungite to decontaminate nuclear wastes and to remove radioactive particles from water have been granted.

Will we always be able to get Shungite?

Shungite, like any precious commodity, is limited. However, there is an abundance of regular Shungite stone available for mining. Reserves are not likely to run dry any time in the foreseeable future.

Will we always be able to get Elite Noble Shungite?

Elite Noble Shungite only makes up 1% of all Shungite reserves. It is very rare, which is why it is more costly than regular Shungite.

Elite Noble Shungite is fragile and can only be mined by hand. This makes it harder to procure.

At this time, Elite Noble Shungite is still being mined and is still available. Reserves are not near being depleted, but it is much more limited in its availability than regular Shungite.

What are the types of Shungite?

Shungite, like all stones, has different grades.

There are three basic types of Shungite.

The most common form of Shungite is called Black Shungite, or Type III Shungite. It is also sometimes referred to as Regular Shungite.

Anytime Shungite is carved into a shape, it is this type of Shungite.

However, there are gradations within Type III Shungite. Some Type III Shungite will contain only 20% Carbon. This is a lower gradation of Type III Shungite and is not as powerful or therapeutic.

The Type III Shungite we source contains a minimum of 30% Carbon and up to 50% Carbon. This grade of Type III stone is highly effective for EMF clearing, grounding and increasing wellness.

Type II Shungite is known as Petrovsky Shungite. It is between regular Shungite and Elite Shungite. It contains between 50% and 70% Carbon. It is very rare and becoming harder to procure. It requires hand mining but is not as fragile as Elite Noble Shungite, so it can be carved, but it is prone to breakage when carved so it has to be handled carefully.

Type I Shungite, which is the Elite Noble Shungite, contains between 98% and 99% Carbon. It is also called Silver Shungite, as it often has a silvery sheen to it. Elite Noble Shungite is very fragile and can only be used in its raw state. It can not be carved.