EMF Pollution

Why You Need
EMF Protection Today More Than Ever Before

The Digital Age

Whether or not you’re aware of it, we are now living in the Digital Age. Today, more than ever before, EMF Protection is a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle.

The Digital Revolution has happened. It began in the US with the passing of the 1996 Telecommunications Act.

This Act allowed for the widespread development of the Telecommunications Industry. The fast erection of millions of cell towers followed the passing of this Act.

Almost overnight, the country went from having no cell towers, to having hundreds of thousands of cell towers in less than two decades.

Digital Revolution vs. Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution took place between 1760 and 1840. During that time, the country was transformed from an agrarian society to an industrial society.

Before the Industrial Revolution, the majority of people lived in the country and farmed. After it, the majority of people lived in the cities and worked with machinery in various industries.

Prior to the Digital Revolution, wireless technology was used only by those in the military.

Today, wireless technology is used by everyone. This includes teenagers and kids.

EMF Fields

A lot of people are still not that familiar with the term EMF. EMF stands for electromagnetic frequencies or fields.

All technology gives off EMFs.

Wireless technology gives off a special type of EMF called radio frequency radiation, or RF radiation. This radiation is also called microwave radiation.

RF or microwave radiation has been studied and is known to cause health problems. In 2011, the International Agency Research on Cancer classified RF radiation as a possible carcinogen.

Microwave Radiation Sickness

Microwave radiation was first used by militaries in World War II. The workers who were around the microwave radiation began getting sick.

Headaches, flu-like symptoms, nausea, skin rashes, insomnia and mood swings were just some of the symptoms these workers began to report.

The term Microwave Radiation Sickness was coined to describe this syndrome.

Electrical Sensitivity

Today, the average civilian is exposed to more microwave radiation than the average military worker during WW II.

The collection of symptoms people exposed to wireless technologies experience is now called Electrical Sensitivity.

People who experience it are called EMF Sensitive, Electrically Sensitive or Electrohypersensitive.

The truth is, it is really the modern version of Microwave Radiation Sickness.

EMF Exposure At All Time High

Today, hardly anyone leaves home without their cell phone. And hardly anyone lives in a house that doesn’t have WiFi and a Smart Meter, as well as several large screen TVs, a microwave, a wireless security system, etc.

The amount of exposure the average person gets every day to wireless radiation is higher than its ever been.

EMF Health Risks

Your body is electrical. Your brain and heart run on electricity. When your body is constantly being exposed to artificial electric and magnetic fields, it can wreak havoc on your system.

Acute symptoms experienced were mentioned earlier and are a sign the body is getting run down.

If EMF exposure continues, the run down body could become sick. Studies show that EMFs can cause cancer and DNA damage, among other serious health concerns.

EMF Protection

During the Industrial Revolution, a lot of workers were exposed to pollutants from industries they worked in that made them sick. Some even died from their illnesses.

Thankfully, we learned we needed to create environments for industrial workers where they were protected from the smog and the pollutants their work created.

Laws were put into effect to protect the workers.

Today, there are no adequate regulations that have been put in place to protect the people who now come into contact with wireless radiation everyday.

While there are government regulations around the amount of radiation devices we use can give off, many scientists say these regulations are not strict enough and are exposing people to dangerous levels of radiation.

The Digital Age has arrived and is here to stay. As society moves toward more reliance on cell phones and technology, it is up to the people to make sure they are protected.

EMF Protection does not require you to stop using technology. What it does is allow you to use it in a safer way.

Shungite EMF Protection

When it comes to EMF protection, sticking close to nature is our motto. Fortunately, nature provides us with the perfect solution.

Shungite is a 2 billion year old stone. It formed during the Precambrian Era on earth and contains a unique carbon-matrix.

Shungite’s carbon-matrix enables the stone to transform harmful electromagnetic frequencies into beneficial resonances.

In fact, Shungite has been found in studies to be able to remove radioactive isotopes from water. This is how powerful the stone is when it comes to radiation.

How To Use Shungite EMF Protection

Shungite is a natural stone. It is non-toxic and safe for adults, kids and pets.

Shungite has a history of documented use which dates back to the 1500s. Shungite has been used safely in folk medicine for hundreds of years.

Back then, people were not using the stone for EMFs -which were yet to exist- but were using it for its countless other health benefits.

While we won’t go into those benefits here, you can read more about them on our Shungite Studies page and in our article The Many Benefits of Shungite.

To use Shungite EMF protection, you want to start with Shungite pieces that are carved from high-grade, authentic Shungite stones.

Pieces that are cast from Shungite powder are not as powerful in their clearing abilities and will not deliver the same level of EMF protection.

Shungite EMF protection comes in different forms.

Personal EMF Protection are Shungite pieces that are worn or carried on the body.

Spot-clearing Shungite pieces are placed directly on technologies and appliances and clear its individual EMF field.

Space-clearing Shungite pieces vary in size and are designed to be set in rooms. The larger the piece of Shungite, the greater the reach of its clearing field. So, be sure to look at the square footage space-clearing pieces cover to make sure you are finding the right piece for harmonizing EMFs in your room, office or home.

Good EMF protection completes a healthy lifestyle in the Digital Age!