EMF Blocking Tips

These EMF Blocking Tips will help you reduce your exposure to harmful EMFs while using your favorite tech.

1. Cell phones should never be held up to the ear and used like a regular phone. When on a call, use speaker phone and make sure to keep the phone at a distance from the head.

2. If carried in a pocket, cell phones should be switched to airplane mode.

3. Shut off the wifi router at night.

4. Laptops should never be placed on the lap. All laptop manuals state this. Distance yourself from the EMF field from your laptop by placing it on a table.

5. Try to avoid charging cell phones and digital devices in the bedroom during sleep. Charging produces a high EMF field. Move charging devices out of the bedroom at night.

6. Try to avoid using a cell phone while it is charging. Phones that are charging emit a higher EMF field than phones that are already charged.

7. Corded alarm clocks produce high amounts of EMFs. Replace the corded clocks with battery operated to reduce your exposure to EMFs during sleep.

8. Be aware of what is on the opposite side of the wall from your head when you sleep at night. If there is a breaker box or an electric panel, make an effort to move your bed so your head is as far away from them as possible.

9. When not in use, appliances and electronics such as microwave ovens and TVs can be unplugged. This reduces the amount of EMFs these appliances give off, even after being shut down.

10. Try to avoid using electric blankets, as they emit EMFs throughout the night. You can pre-heat the bed using the electric blanket and then turn off and unplug the blanket for sleep.

11. Do your best to remove electronics from the bedrooms and nurseries. Only keep in sleeping areas electronic items that are absolutely necessary.

12. When microwave ovens are in use, avoid standing in front of them to reduce exposure to radiation. Move several feet away. These instructions are usually included in the oven’s manual.

13. Go wired whenever possible. Use wired connections for internet and for making phone calls.

14. When your fingers touch your phone or tablet’s screen, you are receiving more radiation that what is currently considered ‘safe’ under FCC radiation regulations. Use a Stylus Pen in place of using your finger and lessen your radiation exposure by distancing your body.