EMF Protection Devices Guide

What do I need to clear? And how do I clear it? These are the questions we get all the time. So, we put together this EMF Protection Devices Guide to help you find the right EMF Device for your needs.

Remember, when you use a natural EMF Device such as Authentic Shungite that harmonizes the frequencies, there are no unwanted side-effects such as loss of reception or functionality. In addition Shungite EMF Devices will never increase the strength of your signal, thereby increasing the amount of radiation emitted. This does occur when using EMF Devices designed to block frequencies.

In addition, natural Shungite EMF Devices do not wear out over time so there is no need to replace. The other perk of using a natural Shungite stone is the additional health benefits it brings with it – healthy grounding energy as well as energy enhancement!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or if you still have questions after looking over the Guide, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help!

5G Protection

Did you know that 5G is a new type of high-millimeter wave radiation that has never been used before for telecommunications and is untested? It functions differently than other wireless frequencies as it travels in beams.

According to many scientists and EMF Experts, 5G radiation is more dangerous to the body than the previous networks. As 5G antennas are continually being installed in cities and rural areas, and would be the wireless network used for driverless cars, 5G background radiation is becoming hard to avoid.

Authentic Shungite is the best option in our opinion for EMF Protection. It does an excellent job at harmonizing 5G high-millimeter radiation, as it is one of the only materials that has been used to decontaminate nuclear radiation.

“The deployment of 5G, or fifth-generation cellular technology, constitutes a massive experiment on the health of all species.” – Dr. Joel Moskowitz, Professor of Health, University of California, Berkeley

Space Clearing for 5G

If you are dealing with background 5G radiation in your home or office, we recommend space-clearing your environment by placing larger pieces of carved Authentic Shungite throughout your space.

The larger the piece of Shungite, the larger its clearing field. The shape Shungite is carved into changes its clearing field’s reach. The Pyramid shape produces the clearing field with the furthest reach, while the Cube shape produces the clearing field with the shortest reach. The Sphere shape is in between the two.

The shape of Shungite effects the overall energy of the clearing field. Pyramid shapes are energizing, Cubes are stabilizing and Spheres are soothing.

Spheres go great in bedrooms and rooms where soothing energy is wanted. Cubes are very grounding and bring a lot of earth energy with them. Traditionally, Cubes of Shungite were used in offices and places of business. Pyramids are probably the most universal in terms of EMF clearing, and bring strong energy into a space.

Cell Phone Protection

For optimal EMF Protection we recommend spot-clearing all cell phones. The Shungite Cell Phone Tab or the Swirl-It can be used. Both can be placed on the phone directly or on the phone’s case. You can also use both a Tab and a Swirl-It on the phone, for those who are very sensitive to EMFs and are looking for maximum protection.

Cell phones can also be placed on the So-Square when not in use for added harmonization of frequencies.

Learn more about the dangers of cell phone radiation.

Computer Protection

Spot-clearing computers and tablets is recommended for better EMF Protection. The Swirl-It can be used or the Shungite Cell Phone Tab. Spot-clearing harmonizes the individual EMF field given off by the technology. The Cube Stabilizer can be set on desks next to computers for additional EMF Protection.

WiFi Protection

Wireless routers can be spot-cleared by placing a Swirl-It on the router. Or, they can be cleared placing on a So-Square. Spot-Clearing clears the individual EMF field given off by the technology.

Learn more about the health risks of radiofrequency (RF) radiation.

Car Protection

The Car Swirl is used to clear cars of all types of EMFs. It can be affixed to the dashboard. It has adhesive on the bottom, just peel and stick!

Power Line Protection

EMF protection from power lines are best cleared by space-clearing. If the power lines are right outside a window, a Cube Stabilizer or Power-Up Pyramid can be placed on the windowsill. If there is no window, then a space-clearing device can be set in the room.

Learn more about power line hazards.

Smart Meter Protection

The So-Square is a Shungite Tile that can be affixed directly to a Smart Meter, or it can be affixed to the interior of a wall that houses a Smart Meter on its outside. More than one So-Square can be affixed to the wall for optimal EMF Protection from Smart Meter radiation.

TV Protection

The Swirl-It is recommended for clearing TVs. More than one can be used for large screen TVs. TVs emit EMF fields even after they shut off. It is important to know what is on the opposite wall from a TV, due to the EMF field it emits.

Circuit Box Protection

The So-Square is recommended for clearing Circuit Breaker Boxes. One or more can be affixed to the front of a Box, or affixed to the interior wall that houses the Box on its outside.

Cell Tower Protection

Space-clearing is recommended for harmonizing incoming radiation from cell towers. A space-clearing device, such as the Cuboid, can be placed in the room, or on a windowsill if the window faces the general direction of the nearby tower.

Pet Protection

We recommend hanging a Shungite Bead off of your pet’s collar. If no collar is worn, then overall space-clearing of the home is recommended, with an emphasis on space-clearing the area where your pet sleeps.

Shungite Water can be used for pet drinking water for strengthening your pet from the effects of EMFs. We recommend using Elite Noble Shungite to make Shungite Water.