If you’re looking for EMF Protection that works, Growing Healing has what you’re looking for!

We offer a boutique line of high-grade Authentic Shungite ideal for harmonizing EMFs, Grounding and Wellness.

Nature’s EMF Protection

Authentic Shungite

Harness the Power of
Shungite’s Carbon Matrix to transform harmful EMFs into beneficial resonances.

Large Shungite sphere called The Orb.

Enjoy Whole House EMF Protection with The ORB!

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Do You Need Protection?

In today’s digital world, our daily lives revolve around technology. Wireless gadgets have become the bedrock of our society, whether we like it or not.

Headaches, fatigue, irritability, insomnia and brain fog are just some of the acute symptoms we get when we are exposed to the artificial electromagnetic frequencies emitted by tech.

Studies tell us that long-term exposure to these frequencies can lead to more serious health conditions.

How do we live, work, and play in a digital world while safeguarding our health?

Nature has provided us with a practical, organic and effective EMF solution. Shungite.

No shielding materials, no mysticism, no mass-manufactured products from China, and nothing that needs to be ‘programmed with an intent’.

Shungite is a 2 billion year old carbon-based stone whose unique carbon-matrix makes it a perfect filter for electromagnetic frequencies.

When it comes to EMF protection, organic carbon in the form of Shungite can’t be beat!

High-Grade Authentic Shungite

Growing Healing has sourced the highest-grade of Shungite and curated a boutique line of Authentic Shungite designed for EMF Protection, Grounding, Energy Balancing, Shungite Water and Wellness.

Each Authentic Shungite piece is handcrafted from a single Shungite stone, never cast from Shungite powder.

Our Authentic Shungite line is designed by us, with you in mind.

Shungite you can wear or carry, Shungite you can place in your car, your home, your office, and Shungite you can place in a water jug.

Shungite Macrame Bracelet displayed on Rose Quartz

Retro 70s Shungite Bracelet



Sphere Harmonizer with stand

Sphere Harmonizer w/ Stand

Pocket Protector

Pocket Protector

Who Are We?

Growing Healing has been a pioneer in the EMF Protection market

We began on the web back in 2006 as EMF Blues.

Back then, like today, we specialized in one thing, bringing to market EMF Protection Devices that worked

We never jumped on the corporate, mass-produced EMF Device bandwagon, but chose to stay faithful to our vision of harmonizing frequencies using natural materials.

We were talking about EMF Protection before most people knew what EMFs were.

We found a loyal customer base in the natural foods and supplements market.

People who shopped for organic foods and filtered their water began to realize they needed to filter the electromagnetic frequencies from their tech.

Since our start, we have upgraded our line to reflect the changes in technology over the past decades, with the introduction of 5G being one of the biggest.

With almost two decades of experience behind us, we feel confident that we can provide you with the right solution for your EMF Protection needs!

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You’ve just found the highest quality Shungite available. Each piece is carved from a single stone, never cast from powder and never coated. Handmade in small batches!