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Large Shungite sphere called The Orb.


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What is Shungite?

Shungite is a stone that was formed during the Pre-Cambrian, making it over 2 billion years old.

It is a Carbon-based stone whose true origin is not definitively known.

There is speculation that the stone came from outerspace and is the renmant of a crashed meteorite that was recorded to hit the earth 2.4 billion years ago near where it is found.

This speculation comes from the fact that some of its contents (Fullerenes) were first found in outerspace and are very rare on earth, in addition to true Shungite being found in only one small area of Russia.

The stone is technically classified as a mineraloid. Mineraloids share some of the characteristics of minerals, and some of the characteristics of rocks.

Shungite Mine
Shungite Mine

Shungite Properties

While some stones are sought out for their beauty, it is the properties of Shungite that have brought it worldwide attention.

It possesses unique health and wellness properties due to its specific Carbon structure.

This special stone is able to transform electromagnetic frequencies and radiations into frequencies that are biocompatible to life.

This stone is also able to ground the body through increasing the strength of the pelvis area.

The property of grounding can work to balance body systems and improve immunity along with mood and focus.

It’s naturally occurring Fullerenes impart anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits to the body.

This has led to it being added to skincare and haircare products.

The most unique property of Shungite is its ability to conduct electricity.

Electroconductivity is very rare among stones. It is this property that many believe give this stone its ability to impart health and wellness to the body.

Shungite tiled bathroom
Shungite Tiled Bathroom

Shungite Health Benefits

The benefits are many and varied.

Nicknamed the “Stone of Life”, those who were fortunate enough to have access to this stone several hundred years ago recognized the special health benefits this stone imparted.

This “Stone of Life” has been used to purify water from contaminants, including radioactive contaminates.

It has also been found to reduce the bacterial load of indoor air.

Shungite provides powerful EMF protection and has the ability to harmonize all types of electromagnetic frequencies and radiations, including 5G.

Rooms tiled with this amazing stone are used to speed up recovery times after surgery and illness, and have been found to stimulate immunity while increasing the regenerative processes.

Shungite Water Benefits

Shungite Water has been known to improve immunity and help prevent a wide range of chronic disorders, including non-insulin dependent diabetes.

When it is placed in water, the water becomes better able to hydrate our tissues as well as increases the water’s ability to permeate cells.

Shungite Water also works to detox the body through the gentle removal of toxins, heavy metals, and chemicals.

It has also been noted to be energizing and can be used to make healing teas as well as for bathing.

Shungite EMF Protection

This remarkable stone has the ability to transform stressful electromagnetic frequencies and radiations into biocompatible frequencies.

These newly harmonized biocompatible frequencies strengthen the body.

This can be seen doing basic Muscle-Testing.

It can be worn on the body as EMF Protection jewelry, or placed directly on technologies to harmonize that technologies’ EMF field.

Larger pieces can be placed in cars, rooms and houses for overall clearing of EMFs.