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Why buy Shungite at Growing Healing? Because we believe in quality over quantity. Especially when it comes to Shungite.

Not all Shungite is created equal.

Growing Healing curates a boutique line of Shungite products that are individually carved from a single Shungite stone.

Our Authentic Shungite products are never cast from Shungite powder, and are never coated.

This means all of the beneficial properties Shungite has to offer are found in our Authentic Shungite products.

With a strong focus on EMF protection and grounding, our Authentic Shungite line provides you with options for personal EMF protection, spot-clearing individual technologies, space-clearing rooms, and whole house clearing.

Featured Products

Shungite Macrame Bracelet displayed on Rose Quartz

Retro 70s Shungite Bracelet

Elite Noble Shungite (Large)

Elite Noble Shungite – Large

Shungite Pyramid

Power-Up Pyramid



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