Shungite Studies

Studied Before WW II

Shungite has been extensively studied in Russia, where the stone originates.

Studies on Shungite were begun before World War II by Russian scientists. The war interrupted these studies, and they were not resumed until the 1960s.

Russian, then the Soviet Union, was somewhat isolated from the western world after the war. This allowed Russian scientists to go forward with studying natural medicines after WW II, as they were not beholden to the powerful pharmaceutical monopoly that the west found themselves in after the war.

Shungite Can Not Be Patented

Western science is still dominated by these powerful forces today, making it very difficult to secure funding for research on any substances that can not be patented.

Shungite, being a natural stone, can not be patented and therefore there is little profit motive for the pharmaceuticals to fund research.

Thankfully, the Russian scientists have been conducting their own research on the stone, as Shungite does play a large role in the history of Russian Folk Medicine.

Shungite Health Studies

Shungite is currently utilized for its health benefits in Russian Hospitals and Sanatoriums, and has been studied for its healing effects.

Studies on Cancer Patients Receiving Radiation Treatments

The Ukrainian Academy of Medical Sciences conducted a study on the effects of Shungite Water used in conjunction with chemotherapy.

Volunteer cancer patients that had undergone a series of radiation treatments had detailed blood analysis done on them. Their blood was taken and analyzed before the radiation treatments, during them and again after them.

Half of the cancer patients were given Shungite Water to drink throughout the radiation treatments. The other half, the control group, were not.

Scientists found that the group drinking the Shungite Water had their blood levels return to normal two weeks after the radiation treatments had ceased.

The blood levels of the control group took an average of three to four months to return to normal.

Studies on Patients With Diabetes, Hypertension and Psoriasis

Dr. Nina Kolesnikova is head of a sanatorium near Moscow that specializes in cardiology, diabetes, and hypertension. She and the other doctors conducted their own independent experiments using Shungite.

Shungite Baths lasting ten to fifteen minutes were given to patients suffering from hypertension, psoriasis, and joint problems.

The doctors at the sanatorium observed increased joint mobility, decreased lesions, as well as a lessening of pain.

A Shungite Paste was placed directly over the psoriatic patches for several days in a row and were left in place for 30 minutes each day. There was a substantial decrease in the lesions.

Shungite Water was administered for drinking to the diabetic patients. They experienced a stabilization of the rate of the metabolism of carbohydrates. In addition, diabetic skin lesions were lessened.

When Shungite Water was administered to patients suffering from chronic colitis, gastritis and pancreatitis, and inflammation of the gallbladder. The Shungite Water had an overall tonic effect and was able to reduce inflammation, acid reflux and bloating. Stools returned to normal in many patients.

Antibacterial, Antiviral, AntiCancer, Anti-inflammatory

In 2006, “Shungite and the Protection of Human Life” Scientific Congress was held in Russia. Various researchers and members of the scientific community spoke on Shungite and presented their evidence on its beneficial effects.

Shungite was found to be:

Antibacterial (Krutuos 2002)
Antiviral (Khadartsev 2002)
Immunostimulant (Khadartsev 2002)
Anticancer agent (Khadartsev 2002)
Anti-inflammatory (Rysev 2002)
Antioxidant (Rysev 2002)
Antihistamine (Rysev)
Protective from ionizing radiation (Kurotchencko 2002)
Protective from non-ionizing radiation (Subbotina 2003)