Shungite eMF Protection

Effective, Affordable and Ancient

EMF Pollution is being called the New Toxin. EMF Protection is no longer an option for those who want to keep themselves and their families healthy. It has become a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle.

Countless published studies have shown negative health effects from EMF exposure. Artificial electromagnetic fields stress our bodies, which are electric. Over time, this stress leads to breakdowns in immunity, our blood-brain barriers, and even our precious DNA.

When it comes to EMF Protection, there is a lot of confusion, and a lot of questions. Is it mysticism, is it New Age, is it all based on psychic intent, is it a scam?
There are a lot of goofy EMF Protection ideas out there, and then there is science.

Goofy EMF Protection Ideas

Electromagnetic frequencies are not spiritual or mystical in nature. They are actual waves of particles that resonate at different frequencies or speeds. Visible light, infrared, and ultraviolet frequencies can all be found on the electromagnetic spectrum and are examples of natural EMFs.

Then there are man-made frequencies. These frequencies are not found naturally on the earth, they have been manufactured by man and added to the environment. As with most things man makes, there are usually some unfortunate side-effects. Artificial EMFs do not interact with our bodies in a healthy way. They create stress and lead to breakdowns in our system.

Using programmed intent to alter EMFs is like using programmed intent to remove the chlorine from your tap water. EMFs do not respond to psychic intent or programming. While anyone is free to try their hand at willing EMFs to be transformed, it’s much easier to deal with them scientifically.

Blocking EMFs

Blocking EMFs sounds very scientific, and it is. It is based 100% on the mainstream scientific understanding of frequencies. Mainstream science does not accept that there are energies between the energies they have mapped out for the electromagnetic spectrum. They don’t accept them yet because they haven’t discovered them with their tools.

These energies are called subtle energies. Ancient healing systems such as acupuncture work with these subtle energies. Most ancient healing systems such as Oriental Medicine and Ayurveda are based on the understanding of these subtle energies and how they effect health. Ayurveda refers to them as Prana, and Oriental Medicine as Chi.

Western medicine and science do not acknowledge subtle energy, which is why they are not holistic in their approach to health. They don’t see the body as a whole, but as parts, and they work on the parts without any understanding of their energetic connectivity. So, when mainstream science approaches EMF Protection, their idea is to block the frequencies using a material that does not conduct them. In the case of X-rays, lead aprons were traditionally used to protect the body from the radiation.

While this sounds logical, and EMF Meters will read lower when using blocking materials, it has been discovered by alternative researchers that the subtle energies around the frequency are not being blocked so full protection is not happening for the individual.

While in the case of the X-ray, they might not be exposed to the X-ray radiation, there are subtle energies around that they are still being exposed to. So, blocking EMFs and then using an EMF Meter to test the blocking effectiveness, is not taking into consideration the subtle energies around the frequency being blocked.

EMF Meters will not pick up these subtle energies, as they are not programmed into the Meters. So, while blocking EMFs might seem sensible, it is not a comprehensive approach to EMF Protection and leaves one vulnerable to the subtle energies around the frequencies being blocked.

Side-Effects of Blocking EMFs

In addition to blocking EMFs falling short of full protection, there are some other snags to this approach. When a signal is blocked, the signal works harder to find its connection. A stronger signal means a larger output of frequencies.

The idea of placing a shield on a Smart Meter will only work to increase the wireless signal that the Smart Meter is putting out. Truly shielding a Smart Meter would result in a visit from your electric company, as they would not be receiving any data from your Meter and would come to fix that.

Although an EMF Meter might show the shield on the Smart Meter is working because the reading has gone down, if you’re not hearing from your electric company, your Meter is still ‘on grid’ and is most likely emitting a stronger wireless signal than it was before.

Although the main frequency programmed into your EMF Meter might show reduction, the subtle energies around it have likely increased to keep connection. The same is true with the idea of shielding cell phones with cases.

EMF Shielding Fabrics, Clothing and Bedding

Yet another unfortunate side-effect of blocking EMFs using shielding fabrics, clothing and bedding is the blocking of the good frequencies along with the bad.
Natural electromagnetic frequencies and radiations exist in our environments. The earth emits a magnetic force, and the sun emits natural radiation These energies are necessary for our health. We can’t live without them.

When shielding materials are used, they don’t differentiate between the good radiation coming from the earth and the bad radiation coming from the cell tower.
This deprives the body of energy it needs to maintain health.

Alternative studies have shown that the continual use of shielding paints and fabrics lowers immunity, making one more susceptible to the symptoms of Electrosensitivity – not less. Over time, people who continually shield themselves from all EMFs end up weaker and potentially in poorer health.

Shungite EMF Protection

Shungite EMF Protection is a different approach to the problem of EMF Pollution. It is not new, being formed over 2 billion years ago. And it is not manufactured by man. Shungite is an ancient form of carbon that makes up a unique Carbon-Matrix.

Carbon is a natural filter. That is why we use carbon filters to clean our water and our air. These filters remove impurities and make our water and air healthier for us. However, we can’t use a Carbon Hepa Air Filter to filter the wireless radiation from our cell phone. It is not equipped to work with resonances.

Fortunately, the Carbon-Matrix that makes up Shungite is. Shungite consists of hollow-bodied carbon molecules called fullerenes. They are a type of Nano-Technology. All this term means is that they work with particles that are very small in size, called nanoparticles. A strand of human DNA is 2.5 nanometers. A nanoparticle is about 100 times larger than an atom of Zinc. So, nanoparticles are small.

Shungite’s carbon molecules are able to work with super-small particles that are on the atomic level in terms of size. This is how the stone is able to work with waves and particles of energy we call frequencies.

Shungite EMF Protection does not block or shield frequencies, it harmonizes them. Transmutation is a more scientific term for what Shungite does to EMFs. Transmutation results in the frequency still being present and active but altered. The newly altered frequency is ‘conditioned’ by the stone to be less harsh and more harmonious.

In terms of our health, the newly harmonized frequency is no longer stressful to our body, but rather beneficial. After being transformed, the frequency will not weaken our system but will actually strengthen it. This can be tested, not with a traditional EMF Meter, but with the finest EMF Meter out there – the human body.

Muscle Testing, also called Kiniseology, can be used to test Shungite EMF Protection. When done properly, Muscle Testing will clearly show the body stronger in the presence of an EMF field when Shungite EMF Protection is being used to harmonize that field than when without.

High-Grade Shungite

In order to get the full benefits of Shungite EMF Protection, not any Shungite will do. As with all gemstones and crystals, cheap pricing generally means lower quality. For Shungite EMF Protection to be effective, you need to start with high-grade Shungite stone and you need to produce pieces that are not molded from Shungite powder but actually carved from the stone

No coatings can be used, or the stone’s clearing field will be diminished.

Growing Healing sources only the highest-grade Shungite straight from the mine. Each piece is individually carved from a single stone.