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Shungite Stone

About Shungite Stone

It’s Origins & It’s History

About Shungite Stone

What is Shungite stone? Is Shungite a rock, a mineral, or is it a gemstone?

Well, Shungite stone is none of those. Shungite is technically a mineraloid.

A mineraloid is not a rock, but it’s also not a mineral.

A rock is made up of many different substances. A mineral is made up of one substance. The substance that makes up a mineral has a crystalline structure.

We like gemstones so much because they are one substance that has a crystalline structure. This crystalline structure gives them the ability to refract light and look shiny and pretty.

Shungite stone is a mineraloid because it is composed mostly of one organic substance, Carbon, but its structure is not crystalline.

This makes the stone unique.

Carbon – King of the Elements

Carbon is known as ‘the King of the Elements’.

Our bodies are made up mostly of Carbon. Carbon is pretty unique in that It is able to form over 10 million compounds. It does this by bonding with other elements.

Shungite stone is made up mostly of Carbon.

Carbon it is not very abundant on the earth. Only 0.025% of the earth’s crust is made up of Carbon.

We know Carbon makes up Diamonds. Diamonds are one of the hardest substances known to man. But Carbon also makes up one of the softest substances known. Graphite. You know Graphite as the tip of your pencil.

Diamonds and graphite are both crystalline forms of the element Carbon. Shungite is different in that it is a noncrystalline form of Carbon.

Shungite is noncrystalline due to its unique molecules of Carbon. These unique molecules of Carbon are called Fullerenes and they are what make Shungite stone so special.

Precambrian Era

Shungite is relatively new to the modern world of Gemstones, but it is not new to the planet!

According to scientists, Shungite was formed during the Precambrian era. That was well over 2 billion years ago.

The Precambrian era on earth predates the development of microscopic life.

When Shungite formed, according to science, the only life on earth was bacterial.

Shungite Stone – Older Than Diamonds

Most diamonds are thought to be a little under 1 billion years old.

This makes Shungite older than most diamonds!

Mysterious Origin

Scientists are still puzzled by Shungite stone. They are unable to pinpoint how Shungite came into existence.

The origin of Shungite has yet to be scientifically proven, and might never be.

What puzzles scientists is that the stone is found in only one specific area. This is an area in the part of Russia that borders Finland.

This is unusual. Most stones are found in more than one place on the earth.

The deposit of Shungite spans a relatively small area of just 3,475 square miles.

Crude Oil Theory Debunked

There is a theory that Shungite stone was first a crude oil and then solidified into Shungite.

But crude oil was formed on earth between 300 million and 600 million years ago. Shungite was formed over 2 billion years ago. Since Shungite is older than crude oil, it could not have come from it.

Meteorite Theory

Another theory is that Shungite stone is actually pieces of a meteorite that hit the earth over 2 billion years ago.

The oldest known meteorite crater is 2.4 billion years old and is located just 31 miles from the lake in Karelia, Russia where Shungite is mined. So, there does seem to be some plausability to the Meteorite theory, but it has yet to be proven.


Fullerenes are hollow-bodied molecules of Carbon. They were first discovered in 1985. The scientists who discovered them were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996.

Due to their unique structure, Fullerenes are able to do a lot of good!

Shungite stone is the only known concentrated, natural source of Fullerenes on the entire planet.

This gives Shungite many practical uses and makes the stone very valuable to science.

Fake Shungite

While there are black stones in China and India that formed from volcanic ash and contain some Carbon, these stones are not Shungite.

Their molecular structure is different. They do not contain Fullerenes. They do not share any of the same properties as true Shungite. Unlike real Shungite, these stones are not able to conduct electricity.

Use in Folk Medicine

While Shungite is relatively new to the west, the people of Karelia in Russia have been using Shungite for health and wellness for hundreds of years.

Russian chronicles reveal Shungite was being used for healing as early as the sixteenth century.

Ivan the Terrible Uses Shungite Stone

Ivan the Terrible was the first to write about Shungite. He was a Russian Tsar that reigned from 1533- 1547. Shungite was known then as ‘black slate’. Ivan the Terrible used the stone for healing and rejuvenation for himself and his army.

Shungite was highly regarded by the aristocracy of Russia, who used it for health and beauty.

Peter the Great Studies Shungite Stone

In 1714, Peter the Great of Russia built a copper factory close to Lake Onega, where Shungite was found.

Metallic copper is toxic. Workers in the copper factory became ill from working with the copper.

The “living waters” of the nearby ‘black slate’ spring would cure them in three days!

This led Peter the Great to call for an investigation into this water. This became the first recorded study of Shungite stone.

First Shungite Spa

Peter the Great’s study showed the water contained extraordinary healing properties. These healing properties were found to heal scurvy and liver disorders.

Peter the Great was so enamored with this water he built the first Shungite Spa. The Spa was used by Peter the Great, his family, and his court. It was called Marcial Waters and Peter the Great went there regularly.

Shungite Stone Water

Peter the Great ordered his army to place a Shungite stone into their water bottles. Dysentery was common then. By drinking the water with the Shungite stone in it, his men were protected from dysentery.

Martial Water Spa Closes

After the death of Peter the Great, the Marcial Waters was closed and the use of Shungite fell back to the local people of Karelia.

These were farmers who understood the water from the black stone had healing and wellness properties. They used it liberally for themselves, their families and their animals.

Medical Studies

It wasn’t until 1930 that the “special water from the black stone” was again medically studied for its healing properties. There were plans to rebuild a Shungite Spa. These plans were halted by the start of World War II.

During the 1960s, a new Shungite Spa was finally constructed. It was used mostly by those who were local to the area.

It wasn’t until the discovery of Fullerenes in 1985, which led to the subsequent discovery of Fullerenes in Shungite in 1992, that Shungite began to be studied more widely.

Shungite Stone EMF Protection

EMF Pollution is a new form of toxin. Invisible, it can’t be seen with the eyes, but it is very real. And it is growing by leaps and bounds.

Shungite stone is able to transform electromagnetic frequencies into resonances that are compatible with biological life.

It does this via its unique Carbon structure. Carbon is known as the best filtering material for toxins, chemicals and other impurities, which is why we use it to filter water and air..

Carbon in Fullerene form takes that one step further, making it the best filtering material for energy.

Shungite stone has the unique ability to protect organic life from the hazards of man-made electromagnetic frequencies and both ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.