In addition to proper clearing of electromagnetic frequencies using Authentic Shungite, here are some Tips to help you and your family stay healthy amongst the sea of ‘Invisible Pollution’ we are all exposed to on a daily basis.

1. When driving in a car, shut off the GPS Tracking on your cell phone. This will greatly mitigate the amount of RF radiation beaming into your car and can help reduce EMF symptoms you might be experiencing while driving.

2. When setting up technology in a living space, be very aware of placement. Back to back electronics will exacerbate their respective EMF fields and is best avoided. For example, do not place a TV against a wall that has a refrigerator on the opposite side. Offices with cubicles can create real EMF problems for employees, as cubicle after cubicle is set up back to back, greatly intensifying the computers’ EMF fields.

3. Its been said before, but important enough to repeat; remove as much technology from the bedroom as possible. TVs and computers should be kept out of the bedroom if at all possible. Avoid keeping the cell phone in the bedroom at night. Cell phones are constantly searching for a signal, so even when off they are on. Whatever electronics you must keep in a bedroom, please be sure to turn off and unplug before sleep, or at the very least try to move so they are as far away from the bed as possible!

4. Shut off electronics at least 30 minutes before going to bed, as EMFs interfere with the electrical frequencies of the brain and can cause difficulty sleeping. New studies have shown that EMF exposure before bed can affect the body’s ability to go into REM sleep. REM is a deep sleep and is integral to healing the body. Many seniors have difficulty going into REM sleep, which is one reason they have more difficulty healing.

5. At the end of the day, do you have the Growing Healing? A 10-15 minute hot foot soak in salt or clay will work to draw out radiation from the body and can be done before bed. Simple Epsom Salts can be used and any type of good, food-grade clay can be used. If using clay, we recommend the non-swelling type, as you won’t run the risk of clogging pipes. Another option when using clay is to dispose of the clay water outside rather than down a drain.

6. New studies have shown radiation exposure disrupts beneficial bacteria colonies in the gut, creating digestive upsets as well as lowered immunity. Add a good probiotic supplement to the diet and/or incorporate more fermented foods. Yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut and kombucha are rich in beneficial bacteria and tasty!

7. To sleep like a baby, shut off the power to the home via the Breaker Box before bed. Just be sure to leave on the circuit for the refrigerator and any home security system. Although a bit inconvenient, many people have reported the level of deep sleep they experience is worth it. Based on anecdotal evidence from customers, shutting down the power before bed has helped several Autistic children sleep through the night.

8. When talking on a cell phone, always use speaker phone. A good rule to follow is to keep cell phones as far away from the brain as possible. Don’t keep a laptop or an iPad on the lap, as the heating action alone can raise testicular temperature and result in lowered sperm count. Studies on mice have shown that radiation can be harmful for a growing baby, so pregnant bellies should not be used as shelves for laptops or iPads or Kindles!

9. Long-term exposure to radiation wearing you down? Chlorophyll is an excellent chelator for radiation. Make a green juice, have some wheatgrass or take chlorella tablets as part of your daily routine.

10. Studies have shown radiation exposure adversely affects the bone marrow, hence, affecting your ability to make blood as well as your immunity, as bone marrow produces both red and white blood cells. Consider foods and herbs that build blood as part of your arsenal against EMF pollution. Chlorophyll and liver are great for overcoming any form of anemia.

As for boosting lowered immunity from radiation exposure, the herb Astragalus Root has proven its ability to keep the bone marrow and thymus gland producing white blood cells during chemotherapy. Astragalus Root can be taken as capsules, tea or extract.

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