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  • Shungite Cube

    Cube Stabilizer


    Our Cube Stabilizer is individually carved from a single Shungite stone, never cast from powder. The Cube Stabilizer harmonizes all type of EMFs; wired, wireless and 5G. It also clears Geopathic Stress Zones while increasing grounding energy in a space. Perfect for placing on nightstands and desktops. The Cube Stabilizer has a strong earth energy and is a stabilizing force in a home, office or car.

  • Cube of Shungite Stone



    Our Cuboid is carved from a single stone, never cast from Shungite powder. Large Shungite Cubes are known as ‘Cubes of Power’ as they emit strong earth energy that conveys feelings of security and support. Harmonize EMFs while creating a supportive environment with the Cuboid.  Large Shungite Cubes are traditionally used in places of business.