Authentic Tumbled Shungite


Our Authentic Tumbled Shungite stones are never cast from powder but are actual stones of Shungite. These stones are polished and then tumbled to remove any hard edges and to create an ultra-smooth surface. These Tumbled Shungite stones provide all of the benefits of Shungite, with the added benefit of being wonderful to the touch!

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Authentic Tumbled Shungite

Tumbled Shungite stones are not all created equal. Many stones that claim to be tumbled Shungite are actually cast from Shungite powder.

Our Authentic Tumbled Shungite stones are real Shungite stones that are put through the tumbling process. This makes our Tumbled Shungite strong in its beneficial clearing and wellness properties.

In the tumbling process,  hard edges are smoothed out and the stone is given a rounded, pleasing shape.

Tumbled Shungite stones offer the same beneficial properties as regular Shungite stones. They offer protection from electromagnetic frequencies, they increase grounding energy and improve wellness.


Just like Shungite Spheres, Cubes and Pyramids, Tumbled Shungite can be used to harmonize the frequencies in a space while adding grounding energy. Simply place the stones in a decorative bowl and set on a desk or table.  They are a nice, earthy addition to any decor!

Stones can be set on or near technology and appliances that emit EMF fields. Place a container of stones on a microwave oven or near the fridge.

Tumbled Shungite can also be placed in the fridge to keep food protected and charged.

Tumbled Shungite can be carried in a pocket or pouch for personal EMF protection and grounding.

Stones can be placed in fish tanks and aquariums to improve water quality and overall health of the fish.

Place around beehives to aid in minimizing Colony Collapse Disorder.

Set in potted plants to improve growth.

Use in fountains to add beauty.


Our Authentic Tumbled Shungite stones are sold by weight. Each package will weigh around 3.5 ounces. So, depending on the size and weight of each stone, a package can contain anywhere between 5 to 9 stones.

Our stones are polished first and then tumbled. This makes them nice and shiny and ultra-smooth. They might have a small amount of Shungite powder on them when they arrive. If this is the case, simply rinse them under water to remove.

Origin: Russia

Weight 0.4 lbs


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