Pocket Polarity


Pocket Polarity works to restore your body’s healthy energy flow. The stones can be carried in pockets or held in the hands and help establish balanced energy flow throughout the body. Based on the science of Polarity Therapy, Pocket Polarity utilizes the electroconductivity of high-grade Shungite coupled with the natural heating properties of Soapstone to create a mini-Polarity Therapy session in the comfort of your own home!

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Pocket Polarity – Establish Healthy Energy Flow!

What is Polarity Therapy?

Polarity Therapy is the art and science of balancing the flow of life energy within the human body. The term Polarity refers to the attraction of opposites and is a law that is seen in nature. Polarity Therapy was developed by Dr. Randolph Stone who was an Osteopath who studied many of the healing disciplines of the Far East. Dr.Stone concluded that all dis-ease and illness is the result of energy blockages and went about creating a hands-on system to help relieve these blockages in patients.

The human body is a closed circuit energy system which can be likened to a battery or a magnet. Electrical forces flow through the body in channels, or what Oriental Medicine refers to as meridians. This electrical energy is what is called Chi or Prana in the East.

How EMFs Affect Polarity

The human body circulates electromagnetic energy. The brain itself is electrical. So is the nervous system, which uses electrical impulses as a method of communicating with cells. The earth gives off its own, natural EMF field which is beneficial to all life. When the earth’s field gets distorted by traveling through underground mineral beds or underground water, the frequencies became harmful to life. We call this Geopathic Stress.

Artificial, man-made EMF fields are new to both the human body and the earth. Wireless communication has exponentially increased the amount of background radiation the average person receives since its widespread introduction in the mid 90s.

Being submerged in these artificial EMF fields interferes with the body’s own electromagnetic system. This leads to a lack of cellular communication in the body which leads to less then optimal functioning, which then leads to a host of symptoms associated with EMF exposure; headaches, dizziness, ringing in the ears, facial flushing, sleep disturbances, irritability, rapid heart beat and more.

How Pocket Polarity Can Help

Pocket Polarity can work to restore your body’s energy balance and is best used as an adjunct to focused personal EMF protection, rather than a replacement for it. Whereas EMF protection harmonizes the harsh frequencies so they are no longer stressful to the body, Pocket Polarity then works to restores the body’s ability to self-regulate through healthy energy flow. The loss of self-regulation in the organism due to EMF exposure is the main cause of Electrical Sensitivity and its ensuing symptoms.

How It Works

Pocket Polarity is comprised of two stones; Authentic Shungite and Soapstone. Both stones are of high-grade, being carved from a single piece of stone and are never coated. This allows for the full benefit of the stones to be had.

The Authentic Shungite used to make Pocket Polarity is of Type III Shungite mined from Russia. This Shungite is guaranteed to contain a minimum of 30% Carbon, whereas lesser quality Shungite will contain as little as 20% Carbon. Authentic Shungite is electrically conductive and grounding to the body. Its resonance helps to open up energy channels in the body while simultaneously restoring balance.

The Soapstone used to make Pocket Polarity is also mined from Russia. Soapstone is high in the mineral magnesium and has been used for carvings for thousands of years.  Soapstone is capable of retaining heat, which is why it is paired with the Authentic Shungite in Pocket Polarity. Both together represent the basic natural forces of the body; electrical energy and heat. When both are used together but on opposite sides of the body, energy becomes balanced in a very unique and restorative way.

How To Use

Pocket Polarity can be used in the hands or in a pocket. The Shungite stone should always be held or carried on the left side of the body, and the Soapstone should always be held or carried on the right side of the body. These two stones are used together as they create an energy current that positively affects your body’s own bio-field. The Shungite is electrically conductive and comprised of high amounts of Carbon, while the Soapstone is comprised of high amounts of magnesium in the form of Talc.

If holding in hands, hold for between 3-5 minutes and increase up to 10 -15 minutes. Holding in the hands allows Pocket Polarity to more directly affect the systems of the body as all meridian points open up into the palms of the hands.

If carrying in a pocket, Pocket Polarity can be used all day to keep vitality up.

Pocket Polarity can be used while taking a sauna to increase the health benefits of the sauna. It can also be used in Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers to keep the body balanced and relaxed. Hold in hands while doing PEMF Therapy to increase the flow of healthy current.

Which is which?

The Shungite stone is black, while the color of the Soapstone varies from a dark gray to a dark gray/green.

Pocket Polarity May Help To…

* Reduce nervous tension

* Minimize headaches

* Create focus

* Improve sleep

* Enhance creativity

* Deepen relaxation

* Improve vitality


Each stone measures 30 mm across and 5 mm high.

Each stone weighs roughly 1 ounce.

Rinse in water or smudge to clear when you feel Pocket Polarity needs ‘refreshing’, as Soapstone is not self-clearing.

Origin: Russia

Weight .125 lbs

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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I really hope it does what it says for my family.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Powerful grounding tool. As a therapist I hand them to my clients to hold. I don’t them what they do. And after 10 minutes they feel grounded. Not placebo

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