Our So-Square has so many uses! Shungite Tiles can be used to spot-clear individual EMF fields coming from routers, electric alarm clocks, cordless phones, remote controls and more. Just place the item you wish to clear on the So-Square. Or, use to tile areas of walls that harbor EMF Polluters such as Smart Meter on the other side. Carved from a single Shungite stone, never cast from powder.

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So-Square Shungite Tile

Shungite Tiles

Shungite Tiles are commonly used to tile walls, ceilings and floors when creating Shungite Rooms. Shungite Rooms are often part of Wellness Spas in Russia, as well as healing adjuncts to traditional hospitals there. Russian studies have shown that patients who spend time in Shungite Rooms have faster recovery times after illnesses and surgeries. Russian studies have also shown the use of Shungite Rooms in aiding the healing of various chronic conditions, such as diabetes and heart dis-ease.

So-Square Tile

Each So-Square is individually carved from a single piece of high-grade Authentic Shungite stone, never cast from Shungite powder. The stone is then polished. It emits a strong clearing field that will harmonize all types of EMFs; wired, wireless and 5G. It also emits grounding energy. It’s grounding energy is enhanced by its square shape.

EMF Tiling

While tiling an entire room to make a Shungite Room might not be practical, choice EMF Tiling is!

EMF Tiling is simply the act of covering with tiles areas of high EMF activity. Tiling can be used wisely in a home to clear various EMF polluters.  Smart Meters and Electrical Boxes are two EMF polluters that can be cleared well via EMF Tiling.

Smart Meters on an outside wall of a home can be cleared by Tiling the inside of the wall directly opposite the Smart Meter. We recommend using between 4-6 So-Squares for this purpose. The So-Square can be affixed to the wall using any type of glue appropriate for stone tile.

Electrical Boxes on an outside wall of a home can be cleared in the same fashion as a Smart Meter, by tiling the inside wall with between 2-4 So-Squares.

EMF Setting

The So-Square will clear the individual EMF field of any technology or appliance that is set on it. Modems, routers, cordless phone base stations and handsets, remote controls, baby monitors and electric alarm clocks can all be placed on top of a So-Square.

While we always recommend spot-clearing cell phones using the Shungite Cell Phone Tab, when not in use, cell phones can also be set on the So-Square for additional EMF clearing. This is good to do when charging your phone.

While we don’t recommend keeping a cell phone in a bedroom overnight during sleep, many people do keep their phone on a nightstand. If this is the case, in addition to spot-clearing the phone, we recommend setting it on a So-Square to ensure optimal protection from cell phone radiation during sleep.


The So-Square can be used to charge foods, drinks, medicinal teas, supplements, homeopathic remedies, beauty products and more.

Authentic Shungite is known to transfer beneficial energy to items while helping to neutralize any toxic substances that might be present. Simply place whatever you wish to charge on the So-Square and let it sit for a few minutes before consuming.

Charging can also be done for potted plants. Set houseplants on the So-Square to strengthen their roots and increase their growth.

How To Use

When EMF Tiling with the So-Square, we recommend following instructions for tiling with stone tiles. For EMF Setting, just place the technology on the top of the So-Square and leave in place.

For Charging, place the food, drink or supplement on top of the So-Square and leave in place for a few minutes or overnight.


Each So-Square is 4 inches x 4 inches. The top of the So-Square is polished, while the underside is unpolished. The unpolished underside can be gently wiped down with a damp cloth to remove any Shungite powder residue.

Due to its high Organic Carbon content, Authentic Shungite is a soft stone and the So-Square can break if dropped onto a hard surface.

Using several So-Squares together will increase the overall clearing field reach as well as the amount of grounding energy.

The So-Square has many ways it can be used in a home or office. Get creative!

Origin: Russia

Weight .3125 lbs

3 reviews for So-Square

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I will buy more

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good quality and excellent price.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love it! It’s very powerful. I placed my coffee drink on the square and I experienced the drink as more balanced. I put water on the square and I experienced the water as more energized. It seems to restructure the water molecules so that they hydrate better. I placed it on my bedside table and slept deeper. This is an amazing product.

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