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Spot-clear your technologies and appliances using the Swirl-It! Spot-clearing clears the individual EMF field coming from the technology or appliance and is the recommended method for clearing all technologies and appliances.

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Don’t just spot-clear it, Swirl-It!

Spot-clearing clears the individual EMF field coming from the technology or appliance and is the recommended method for clearing all small technologies and appliances.

The Swirl-It combines the electromagnetic field clearing properties of Authentic Shungite with the elements of Sacred Geometry. This combination creates a strong clearing field with a reach of about 2 feet in all directions.

What Can The Swirl-It Clear?

The Swirl-It can be used to clear cell phones, computers, laptops, tablets, modems, wireless routers, TVs, cordless phones, electric alarm clocks, baby intercoms, microwave ovens, and more.

Authentic Shungite

Not all Shungite is created equal! Growing Healing sources the highest grade Shungite available direct from Russia. Each Swirl-It is carved from a single piece of Type III Shungite stone, never cast from Shungite powder.

Authentic Shungite does not block frequencies, but harmonizes them. This is why you can place it on your cell phone and still receive a signal. Authentic Shungite harmonizes frequencies through its unique Carbon structure, which acts as a filter for frequencies – making them more cohesive – a more scientific term for harmonious.


Sacred Geometry is the science of shapes. Different shapes can create and amplify energy. The counter-clockwise swirl is very powerful for focusing and amplifying energies. When carved into the Authentic Shungite, it greatly amplifies the beneficial properties of the stone.

How To Test

The Swirl-It transforms harmful EMFs into beneficial resonances through harmonization. These newly harmonized frequencies are beneficial to the body, rather than stressful.

Basic Muscle Testing will show that the weakness caused when an active cell phone is held by a person will disappear when the Swirl-It is placed on the phone.

EMF Meters are not the best method for testing EMF Devices that harmonize frequencies. The reason being the frequencies are still present – which is why you can still use the technology – and will be detected by a Meter. What the EMF Meter can’t tell you is that the frequencies have been ‘cleaned’ and are no longer stressful to the body but rather beneficial.

Your body – the best EMF Meter – will show this through Muscle Testing.

How To Use

The Swirl-It can be affixed to the technology or appliance being cleared. It comes with adhesive on the back, so just peel and stick!

One Swirl-It can be used to clear smaller technologies/appliances; such as cell phones, cordless phones, computers, tablets, electric alarm clocks, microwave ovens, electrical outlets and more.

For larger technologies or appliances, such as large screen TVs, we recommend using more than one Swirl-It. The Swirl-Its can be spaced apart to ensure the entire technology is in the clearing field.

The Swirl-It does not wear out nor does it require recharging. Authentic Shungite, being rich in Carbon, is self-clearing.


The Swirl-It measures 1.5 inches in length and 1 inch wide. It is a few millimeters in height.

Origin: Russia

Weight .00625 lbs

5 reviews for Swirl-It

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    When I had my cellphone at first, I noticed that my hand would shake and I would feel my arm start to get weak. I put this product on and I did not have those symptoms anymore. So I definitely believe that this product helps to harmonize and balance out the emf from causing the body excess stress and fatigue.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I feel calmer and grounded while using this swirl EMF protection on my cell phone. The size is perfect and it sticks well to my phone case. I feel healthier ever since I focused on mitigating EMF pollution. Thank you EMF Blues!

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I am so sensitive to any electronics and this really helps. I put it on the back of my cell phone and noticed that I didn’t have the leg pain I experienced before when my phone was in my front pocket.
    This was a great purchase for me and highly recommend the companies products.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Acquired 2 placed one (1) each on each of 2 29″ monitors. I could feel less stress throughout the day. I have an EMF meter and observed the Swirl-It reduces field strength when I move it between the meter and devices. The Swirl-It is thin, non invasive to the attached surface.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I enjoy the product

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