Noble Necklace


Our Noble Necklace is fit for royalty! Highest-grade Elite Noble Shungite stones are mined by hand and then gently tumbled to bring you a necklace you will want to wear everyday. Enjoy personal EMF protection, grounding, and rejuvenation!


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Noble Necklace – Elite Shungite Necklace for Personal EMF Protection & Rejuvenation


The Power of Elite Noble Shungite

When only the best will do! Our Noble Necklace harnesses the power of Elite Noble Shungite to provide strong personal EMF protection, grounding and rejuvenation. Elite Noble Shungite transforms harmful EMFs into beneficial resonances while connecting our energy to the earth’s energy.

This rare stone is the purist form of Shungite. Containing 98-99% of pure Organic Carbon, Elite Noble Shungite boasts the highest levels of naturally occurring Fullerenes found in any substance in the world.

Fullerenes are called Master Antioxidants. Being hollow-bodied molecules of Carbon, Fullerenes have the ability to absorb electromagnetic frequencies, filter them, and then rebroadcast them out in a newly harmonized form. These harmonized frequencies are no longer stressful to the body but rather beneficial.

Personal EMF Protection & Grounding

The Noble Necklace provides the wearer with continuous protection from wired EMFs, wireless radiation and 5G radiation. It also increases the grounding energy of the body. This can be detected by an increase in the stabilizing energy around the pelvis.  As Shungite stone is able to calibrate resonance to the natural resonance of the earth, its grounding energy surpasses that of all other stones.

An overall increase in wellness is an added benefit when wearing the Noble Necklace. Elite Noble Shungite, due to its high Organic Carbon and Fullerene content, has been found to strengthen immunity while helping to balance the nervous system due to its ability to regulate our subtle energy.

Tumbled For Your Comfort

Elite Noble Shungite is a rare stone, making up only 1% off all of the Shungite reserves on the planet. It is also a very fragile stone, being comprised mostly of soft Carbon. All Elite Noble Shungite is mined by hand due to its fragility and used in its raw, natural state.

The Elite Noble Shungite stones used to make our Noble Necklace are tumbled to remove sharp edges. This makes them more comfortable to wear, as the stone is smoothed.

Pure & Electroconductive

Our Elite Noble Shungite is Grade 1 in terms of its purity and very electroconductive.

About the Noble Necklace

Each Noble Necklace comes with a 40 inch lace. The stone itself has a jewelry hook that measures 5 mm, so if you wish to replace the lace with another chain or cord you can use one that will fit through a 5 mm hole. Shungite can be worn with metal chains, as the metal does not interfere with the stone.

The size of each stone varies, with the average stone measuring roughly 1 inch in length, 1/2 inch in width and 1/2 inch in depth.

The Noble Necklace will not wear out nor does it require recharging or clearing, as Shungite is a self-clearing stone.

Origin: Russia

Weight 0.05 lbs


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