The French Government has taken initiative to protect their people, especially their children, against the harmful effects of wireless radiation. On January 29, 2015, the French National Assembly passed a new national law that will work to limit their population’s exposure to wireless radiations. While the US Government continues to allow cell antennas to be erected on elementary school rooftops, claiming the levels of radiation the school children will be exposed to are ‘safe’ , the French Government has taken a firm stance that to maintain health among its population, EMF exposure needs to be kept at a minimum.

“This new law represents a significant step forward,” says Professor Anne Sasco, MD, DSc former Cancer Prevention Chef of the International Agency on Cancer and a distinguished science advisor to Environmental Health Trust.

Dr. Siasco wrote up a synopsis showing the public exactly what this new law states. Here is a look at her synopsis:

  1. WiFi Banned in Nursery Schools: WIFI and Wireless devices will be banned in “the spaces dedicated to home, to rest and activities of children under 3 years”.
  2. WiFi Minimized in Schools: In schools for children up to 11 years, WIFI routers should be turned off when not in use for pedagogic purposes.
  3. Schools Will be Informed: The board of the school should be informed when new tech equipment is being installed in schools.
  4. Cell Tower Emission Compliance Will Be Verified: A decree will define the limits of emission of equipments for electronic communications or transmission to which the public is exposed. These values can be verified by accredited organisations and results will be made accessible to the public through a National Radiofrequency Agency.
  5. Citizens Will Have Access to Environmental/Cell Tower Radiation Measurements Near homes: Every resident may get access to the results of measurements for their living space. Conditions of information of the public as well as involvement of the local authorities are specified as are the steps to follow in case of disagreement.
  6. Cell Antennae Maps For the Country: A description and map of the places with atypical (higher than the limits) places will be conducted at regular intervals with follow up of the actions being taken to limit the exposure. A map of all antennas will be produced for each town
  7. Continued Evaluation of Health Effects: The National Radiofrequence Agency will be in charge of surveillance and vigilance, evaluating potential risks and setting up scientific research, including information on health effects.
  8. SAR Radiation Labeling Mandated: The SAR of cell phones must be clearly indicated on the package.
  9. Information on Reducing Exposures Mandatory: Information on ways to reduce exposure will be detailed in the contents of the cell phone package. .
  10. WIFI Hotspots will be Labeled: Places where WIFI is provided should be clearly marked with a pictogram.
  11. Advertisements Must Recommend Devices That Reduce Radiation Exposure to the Brain: Advertising for cell phones should clearly indicate the recommendation of hand free kits for protection of the head of the user and it will be included in the package. Advertising for cell phone not accompanied by such a kit is forbidden. Companies in violation will be fined 75,000 Euros.
  12. Children Must Be Provided Protections: At the request of the buyer, equipment reducing cell phone radiation exposures to the head for children less than 14 years should be provided.
  13. The Public Will Be Informed: Within a year, a policy of information on awareness and information on a responsible and reasonable use of cell phones and other apparatus emitting radiofrequencies will be set up.
  14. Electrohyper-sensitivity Report To Be Submitted: Within a year, a report on electrohyper sensitivity must be given to the Parliament.

The French Government is trailblazing in their efforts to identify wireless radiation as a problem and then be willing to take action to safeguard its people against this invisible pollution.

Don’t expect the US Government to follow France’s example anytime soon, as the telecommunications industry in the US is a several billion dollar a year industry whose main prerogative is to keep profits high, even at the expense of the health of its customers.

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