Does Wearable Tech Harm Health?

Wearable tech is the fastest growing sector within the wider technology sector, with the sale of wearable tech outpacing the sale of smart phones.

For those not familiar with this new type of technology trend, wearable tech are electronic devices that are worn on the surface of the skin. Their job is to “detect, analyze and transmit information such as vital signs, and/or ambient data”.

Smartwatches are wrist-worn devices that connect to your mobile phone.

The smart watch manufactured by Apple, called the Apple Watch, was released in April 2015 and became the best-selling wearable device. As of December 2022, it is estimated the more than 115 million people use an Apple Watch.

While wearable tech has come under fire for issues surrounding privacy (wearable tech collects personal data), wearable tech devices also raise some very real health concerns.

Wearable Tech Emits Radiation

While the talk around wearable tech is always on how much these gadgets will improve your life, there also needs to be talk about how these gadgets might be harming your health.

Wearable tech emits the same type of radiation as cell phones. When worn on the body, wearable tech like smart watches expose you to wireless radiation that is readily absorbed into the tissues.

As with all radiation, distance is key. The further away from the source, the less strength the radiation field has. So, with smart watches and other wearables, there is virtually no distance between you and the radiation source.

Not Tested

Researcher and scientist Dr. Devra Davis reminds us that wearable tech has never been tested for safety, and that wearable tech emits that same type of radiation as cell phones.

“Wearable tech has never been tested for safety. Period. No one can say it is safe, because there have been no long-term studies into the health effects of these devices. Quite to the contrary, wireless wearables operate with the same microwave radiation as cell phones—that have been tied with many poor health outcomes including cancer.”

Davis, who also serves as President of the Environmental Health Trust, continues:

Our new website includes specific manufacturers’ warnings that advise keeping phones away from the body. It makes absolutely no sense to assume that wireless wearables (that are often used in tandem with cellphones) are safe.”

Wearable Tech EMF Protection

If wearable tech is used as part of your lifestyle, we recommend also wearing or carrying EMF protection as part of your lifestyle.

Materials that filter or harmonize frequencies can create a field which is no longer stressful or weakening to the body. The ancient stone called Shungite is able to harmonize radiation by its high carbon and fullerene content.

However, no EMF protection device can remove the thermal heating aspect of wireless radiation. The same radiation that is used to cook food in a microwave, will heat up the tissues in the body. This heat can cause destruction to DNA, so we always recommend wearing devices such as smart phones and Apple Watches responsibly.

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