As the number or children diagnosed with Autism continues to climb, there are many theories posited as to the cause of this new epidemic. While many professionals point to the rise in the number of vaccines administered to children over the past decade as a possible cause, some scientists have begun to look elsewhere for answers.

A team of Harvard scientists have published an article in the Pathophysiolocgy Journal titled “Autism and EMF? Plausibility of a Pathophysiolpogical Link”. The June 2013 article has raised questions regarding the parallels between the effects of EMFs on the brain and changes seen in the brains of children with Autism.

The article states:

Although autism spectrum conditions (ASCs) are defined behaviorally, they also involve multileveled disturbances of underlying biology that find striking parallels in the physiological impacts of electromagnetic frequency and radiofrequency exposures (EMF/RFR).

Working in the TRANSCEND Research Program in Neurology in Massachusetts General Hospital at Harvard Medical School, researchers looked at the changes in the brains of children with Autism and compared them to changes that occur in the brain after exposure to both electromagnetic frequencies as well as radiofrequency radiation.

The study found that in Autism there were distinct changes in the the electrophysiological function of the brain and the autonomic nervous system. These electrical changes are what lead to the issues with sensory processing seen in Autistic children (lack of eye contact, etc.). These electrical changes are also responsible for the seizures and sleep disturbances experienced by those with Autism.

The researchers found these same changes were not unique to Autism but were present in the brains after exposing test subjects to both wired electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and to wireless radiation (RF).

When looking at the Austism curve, the researchers also noted a parallel in the rise in Autism and the rise in EMF exposure through the growing use of cell phones, wifi, GPS, etc.

The article concludes:

The premise of this review is that although scant attention has been paid to possible links between electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation exposures (EMF/RFR) and Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASCs), such links probably exist.


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