A Washington State University Professor, Dr. Martin Pall, published a paper in 2013 entitled “Electromagnetic Fields Act via Activation of Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels to Produce Beneficial or Adverse Effects.”

In this paper, Dr. Pall looked at the immune system and its reaction to to changes in the electrical environment. What he discovered was that electrical changes in the environment lead to disruptions in the body. He referred to these disruptions as a creating a type of ‘chaos’ in the body, limiting the body’s ability to function properly.

Changes in the electrical environment were found by Dr, Pall to cause the proliferation of free-radicals as well as excess calcium ions. Excess calcium ions are electrically charged elements and can be toxic to the body. Toxicity from excess calcium ions leads to fatigue, nausea, muscle pain and brain fog. The proliferation of free radicals leads to inflammation, neurological issues as well as compromised immunity.

The earth itself is a giant magnet which emits a 500 milligauss magnetic field at about 7.83 cycles per second. The core of the earth is the source of the electrical field, being high in molten iron. The earth continually sends electromagnetic waves out into the ionosphere. These waves then bounce back to the earth and encircle it. So, at any given time, the earth and all of its inhabitants are submerged in this EMF field.

Arthur Firstenburg was the first to put forth the theory that the advent of widespread wireless radiation has the ability to change the earth’s natural electromagnetic field. Arthur Firstenburg received a BA in mathematics from Cornell University and authored the 2017 book “An Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life”. In his book, Firstenburg explores the theory in detail of how artificial, man-made electromagnetic fields have the ability to alter the earth’s own electrical field. This theory has not yet been proven, although Firstenburg puts forth a plethora of convincing evidence of its truth.

According to Firstenburg, the widespread use of wireless communications, along with the beginning of the roll-out of 5G, could be creating disturbances in our bodies’ electrical charge and, hence, function.

As we are electrical in nature, and use electrical impulses to communicate on a cellular level, it stands to reason that a sudden change in the earth’s electrical field could have a massive impact on our bodies. We have over 50 trillion cells operating at around 70 millivolts when we are in health. When we are submerged in artificial electromagnetic fields with resonances very different from the earth – such as wireless radiation and 5G -, are these 50 trillion cells no longer able to operate at their natural 70 millivolts? If their charge is changed by the electrical change in the environment, how might that affect our bodies ability to function?

According to Dr. Pall’s paper, changes in the electrical environment will manifest as various symptoms that are often associated with Electrical Sensitivity (fatigue, skin rashes, sleep disturbances, heart palpitations, etc.), along with compromised immunity.

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