WiFi Radiation vs Cell Phone Radiation

Is there a difference between Wifi & Cell Phone radiation? It’s a widely accepted fact that long-term exposure to cell phone frequency radiation can have negative effects on the health of the brain, with both brain cancer and brain tumors being linked in various studies to cell phone use.

But what about exposure to WiFi frequencies?

Professionals have been studying these effects for some time now, and recent studies are concluding what you could probably guess: long-term exposure to WiFi frequencies also has negative effects on human beings, albeit in a slightly different manner.

Does the radiation coming out of your WiFi router differ from the radiation emitted by your cell phone?

Yes. Cell phones and other similar transmitting sources – including tablets, baby monitors and cell towers – emit a RF-EMF of 30KHz to 300 GHz. Cell phones (and cordless phones) typically start at 900 MHz, although some cell phones have up to 7 antennas, which can all operate at different frequencies.

WiFi devices are a little different, having frequencies that range between 2.45GHz and 5GHz.

According to the WHO International Agency for the Research on Cancer (IARC), all wireless radiofrequencies are considered a Class 2B Carcinogen (cancer-causing agent).

However, while the highest microwave exposure from cell phones is generally localized to the brain, WiFi exposure has been found to be more intense in the legs, abdomen and chest.

This means WiFi radiation can potentially have a bigger adverse effect on our heart, whereas cell phone radiation is considered to be overall most damaging to the brain (although it has been implicated in colon cancer from being carried in back pockets).

Like cell phones, WiFi devices emit bursts of radiation continuously.

But when a cell phone or other device is connected to WiFi, it has to constantly communicate with the base station or router. This creates erratic patterns and bursts when the WiFi device is being used, which can increase the biological impact the radiation has on the body of both people and pets.

These days, WiFi emissions are everywhere. You could be sleeping in a room that has a WiFi router, WiFi gaming device or WiFi baby monitor. Your office could very well have a WiFi router and printer in it that you work next to all day. Most people don’t even pay attention to all these wireless devices as they have become so ingrained in the daily routine.

Once you become aware of the WiFi around you, you can begin taking steps to protect yourself from these frequencies.

Steps To Reduce Your Exposure to WiFi:

  1. Minimize the use of WiFi. Whenever possible, use a hard-wired connection.
  2. Try to avoid placing the WiFi router in the bedroom.
  3. Try to avoid placing the WiFi router on or underneath your desk.
  4. Try to place the WiFi router away from places in the home where people tend to congregate.
  5. If possible, remove from the bedroom any devices that connect to WiFi – at least at night during sleep.
  6. Turn off the ‘Hot Spot’ connection on your WiFi router. This way, your router will not be used as a ‘Hot Spot’, which can increase the strength of the radiation being emitted.
  7. Be sure to shut off the WiFi before going to bed.
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Peer-Reviewed Published Research Studies on WiFI

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