Cell Towers & Breast Cancer: One Woman’s Story

The Radiation Research Trust is a Scotland-based charitable organization whose mission is to educate people on the health hazards associated with exposure to RF radiation.

The Radiation Research Trust was founded by Eileen O’Connor.

This is Eileen’s story…

In 2001, Eileen was 38 years old when a cell tower was erected close to her home in a hamlet of Glasgow, Scotland. Shortly after the erection of this tower, Eileen was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She quickly found out that she was not alone, and that several of her nearby neighbors were also battling cancer. In her neighborhood, five women in addition to Eileen were diagnosed with breast cancer, while another three women were diagnosed with pre-cancerous cervical cells. Three other neighbors were battling other various forms of cancer.

Eileen’s neighborhood became what is known as a ‘cancer cluster’.

In addition to the nine cancer cases Eileen’s neighborhood had, there were several other neighbor’s complaining of symptoms that seemed to begin after the cell tower was erected. Rashes, lumps, sleep problems, headaches, dizziness and low immunity were some of the symptoms these neighbors were experiencing.

Eileen began researching on the effects of cell tower radiation. It did not take her too long to realize that the nearby cell tower could be responsible for her neighborhood becoming a ‘cancer cluster’.

Eileen fought for several years and was finally able to get the cell tower taken down. After this victory, Eileen went on to found three charitable organizations, all aimed at helping to protect people from the health hazards associated with exposure to radiation through education. She also invested much time into learning about the proven scientific research that has been conducted on radiation’s health effects, but – according to Eileen – is often suppressed.

According to US Watchdog Group The Environmental Health Trust, “Eileen’s organization, EM-Radiation Research Trust, has since propelled the topic of wireless radiation to international status, and placed Eileen in front of power brokers in Westminster, Brussels, and Luxembourg, where the EU Commission resides, as well as Russia and Norway.”

These days, with the roll-out of 5G, Eileen and the Radiation Research Trust are focusing on shedding light on the Telecom Industry’s attempts to dilute the scientific research around radiation, including 5G.

True to their beginnings, the Radiation Research Trust spends a great portion of their time and resources highlighting the direct relationship between RF radiation and the massive rise in cancer cases around the world.

Hats off to the Radiation Research Trust and Eileen O’Connor for their tireless work!

Radiation Research Trust

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