“Our results show that electromagnetic fields obviously enhance the growth of tumors.”

This statement was issued by a Professor of Biology, Professor Lerchl, at Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany via a Press Release in regards to the Tillman Study he headed.

Up until this study, there has been very little willingness by the establishment to recognize any dangers associated with wireless radiation from cell phones, wifi, etc.

However, no researcher could deny the results of a recent study conducted using mice. The study found that “weak cell phone signals can promote the growth of tumors in mice.”

What’s more, the study used radiation levels that are well below the current safety levels. In addition, the levels used were low enough to not cause thermal heating.

Up until this study, it was though that radiation levels below 4 W/Kg were safe.

“The fact that both studies found the same tumor-promoting effects at levels below the accepted exposure limits for humans is worrying,” write Lerchl and his colleagues.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer in 2011 classified RF as a “possible human carcinogen”, citing “limited evidence” of cancer promotion from animal studies.

The results of the Tillmann study by Lerchl could change that rating.

What does this mean for you?

Common sense and precautions should be taken when using devices that emit wireless frequencies. Use speaker phone when using a cell phone, keep your cell phone out of the bedroom during sleep, and consider going back to a wired internet connection.

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