Is Smart Meter Radiation a Health Risk?

Radiation from Smart Meters is a topic that stirs much controversy, as mainstream media continues to report that the microwave radiation levels emitted from Smart Meters are too low to cause any serious health risks. However, many people report adverse health symptoms after Smart Meters are installed on or near their home.

The ‘accepted’ science around Smart Meter radiation is that the electromagnetic frequencies are emitted very infrequently, only for a few seconds every hour.

However, there is countless evidence to show that the level of microwave radiation emitted is high enough to produce health symptoms and emitted more frequently than people are led to believe.

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine has released an official statement on April 12, 2014 warning against the widespread installation of Smart Meters.

“More independent research is needed to assess the safety of ‘Smart Meter’ technology,” said Dr Amy Dean, board certified internist and President-Elect of the AAEM. “Patients are reporting to physicians the development of symptoms and adverse health effects after ‘Smart Meters’ are installed on their homes. Immediate action is necessary to protect the public’s health.”

Anecdotal stories about health problems arising after Smart Meter installations abound. This was one person’s reaction after living with a newly installed Smart Meter on her home.

My health has taken a dramatic turn for the worse,” Scull said. “I had no Christmas lights this year; I can’t even play my radio. I am in some degree of migraine much of the time, and I have 40 percent chance of a stroke.” -Calif. Agency Mulls ‘Opt Out’ or Wired Substitutes as Fallout Over Smart Meters Persists, New York Times, Jan 14, 2011.

Smart Meter Health Concerns on the Rise

As people are forced to use Smart Meters, the anecdotal evidence of harm from the continued exposure to radiation continues to grow.

Headaches, joint pain, disturbed sleep, vertigo and skin rashes are just some of the symptoms that are being reported from short-term exposure to the microwave radiation.

The elderly, immune compromised, and children seem to be the most quickly affected by the Smart Meter radiation.

How Do Smart Meters Work?

There is a plethora of technical information to be found on the web and YouTube regarding how the Meters work and the exact levels of RF radiation they are emitting. In brief, the Smart Meter continually communicates information regarding your energy usage back to the utility company. This information is transmitted wirelessly in the form of RF or radiowave frequencies, which is a type of microwave radiation.

The Smart Meter sends these wireless transmission in a cyclical manner, with most reports issued saying the transmissions are sent every hour on the hour. Personal experience of consumers testing the Smart Meters that had been installed on the sides of their homes, show a constant fluctuation of electromagnetic frequencies coming from the Meters, with high bursts of radiation every few minutes.

Smart Meter Radiation Produces Stress in the Body

Although the final transmission of energy usage is sent back to the utility company, it seems the Smart Meters are networked to communicate with other Smart Meters in their grid. This might be the reason for the continual fluctuation in RFs that EMF Meters are picking up.

Regardless, the cyclical pulsation of EMFs always causes a disturbance in the body, as the body is never able to regulate or adapt itself to the frequency, which is constantly being turned on and off. Much like sleeping over a Boiler or Furnace, which continually turns itself on and off, this pattern will indeed interfere with sleep.

Smart Meter Studies

Although no published studies as of yet have been cited by Regulatory Agencies regarding the health risks associated with Smart Meter radiation exposure, many private scientists and researchers have stated these shorter, pulsating waves have the unique ability to easily penetrate cells and create mutations.

There are many reports of the death of shrubs and trees in close proximity to Smart Meters.

We recommend spot-clearing and space-clearing for Smart Meters. Spot-clearing means you put a harmonizing device directly on the Smart Meter. This device harmonizes the EMFs and EMRs that the meter is emitting. The Swirl-It can be affixed to any Smart Meter for spot-clearing it. It can be use on Smart Meters that are both inside the home and outside the home.

In addition to spot-clearing the meter, we recommend EMF Tiling for Smart Meter protection. EMF Tiling is just like the name sounds. You’re using Tiles of harmonizing material, in this case Shungite, and you are affixing the tiles to the interior wall right behind the Smart Meter.

This is an excellent approach to clearing Smart Meters, though it requires a bit more in terms of elbow grease. The Tiles do need to be glued onto the wall, or atleast taped with very strong double-sided tape. We like to use a minimum of 2-4 tiles together behind a Smart Meter. They can be placed in a square position.

In addition to spot-clearing the Smart Meters, overall space-clearing of the environment works wonders to maintain a safe and harmonious energy in a home even with the wireless radiation from the meter. Any of our space-clearing devices can be set in rooms and will harmonize the radiations from the Smart Meter.

Please note, unlike blocking materials, the use of harmonizing devices does not stop the functioning of the Smart Meter, nor does it increase the strength of the Smart Meter’s signal. When you use blocking materials on a Smart Meter, the Smart Meter’s signal increases to maintain a connection. This means the strength of the signal and its radiation increases. This is exactly what you don’t want to happen.

Using harmonizing materials allows the device to work and does not increase the output of radiation. The harmonizing material alters the structure of the electromagnetic wave so that it is no longer detrimental to the body. The wave is transmuted and made beneficial to the body. This is the best way to go about living and using technology while maintaining health.

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