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  • Shungite Macrame Bracelet displayed on Rose Quartz

    Retro 70s Shungite Bracelet


    Our Retro 70s Shungite Bracelet showcases the beauty of Shungite using the ancient art of macrame. Wear your protection from wired, wireless and 5G on your wrist! Unisex.

  • The Keeper Bracelet is a Shungite Bracelet

    Keeper Bracelet


    Protection at your fingertips! The Keeper Bracelet is a Shungite Bracelet that provides personal EMF protection, grounding and wellness. Chunky bracelet with a stylish, bohemian flare! Unisex.

  • Children's Shungite Bracelet

    Children’s Shungite Bracelet


    We wanted to come up with personal EMF protection for little ones that was easy for them to wear, and nice to look at. Our Children’s Shungite Bracelet fits that description! It provides strong personal protection from all types of EMFs, including 5G. Plus, it offers strong grounding energy. It is easy to put on and take off, and has an adjustable strap that will fit the wrist of a toddler as well as the wrist of a teen. Perfect for the little loved ones in your life!



  • Shungite Stabilizer Bracelet

    Stabilizer Bracelet


    A chunky unisex bracelet that protects from EMFs while stabilizing your energy. Adorn yourself with 9 high-grade Authentic Shungite Cube Beads.  Harmonize EMFs, ground your body and stabilize your energy with the Stabilizer Bracelet!