Retro 70s Shungite Bracelet


Our Retro 70s Shungite Bracelet showcases the beauty of Shungite using the ancient art of macrame. Wear your protection from wired, wireless and 5G on your wrist! Unisex.

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Retro 70s Shungite Bracelet –  EMF Protection & Grounding

Macrame Shungite Bracelet

Macrame is an ancient fiber art. It originated the Far East and dates back to the 13th century. Macrame means knotting and refers to the art of knotting textiles rather than weaving them.

Macrame has been around since the 13th century, so it’s definitely not new, but it gained popularity in the 1970s. In the 70s, macrame jewelry became in vogue.

Matching macrame with Shungite seemed to make a lot of sense. The earthy sensibility of macrame goes really well with the natural grounding and wholistic feel of Shungite.

EMF Protection Jewelry

Shungite worn on the wrist has proven to be very therapeutic. When on the wrist, the stone comes into direct contact with a large amount of blood flow that is close to the service. This is why the pulse is easily take on the wrist.

Today, our fingertips spend a lot of time touching screens which are emitting EMFs and wireless radiation. This puts our wrists close to the source of radiation as well. With so much blood flowing so close to the surface, the effect of radiation on us could be amplified at the wrist.

Wearing personal EMF protection on the wrist can prove to be very helpful for those who work on devices throughout the day.

High-Grade Shungite

Shungite stone’s high Carbon content has the ability to harmonize harsh frequencies. When these harsh frequencies come into contact with the resonance of Shungite, they are transformed into beneficial frequencies. Shungite’s ability to alter EMFs has to do with the stone’s high Carbon content.

Our Authentic Shungite is high-grade, containing the maximum amount of Carbon for the type of stone used. The Shungite Beads contained in our Retro 70s Shungite Bracelet are all individually carved from single pieces of Shungite stone. This ensures the bracelet provides the maximum benefits that Shungite stone has to offer.

Down To Earth

Like everything 70s, our Retro 70s Bracelet is very down-to-earth! Wearing it provides strong grounding energy. Shungite has the ability to calibrate resonances to those of the earth. This is called grounding and results in the stone being able to strengthen the energy around the pelvis, increasing a sense of stability and focus.

Russian studies show Shungite is able to aid in balancing the nervous system, which makes sense due to the stone’s strong grounding energy.


Our Retro 70s Shungite Bracelet contains 9 Shungite Beads in its main design. As each Bead is individually carved, they vary slightly in size, with the largest Bead being in the center and measuring about 1 cm in diameter. The smaller Beads measure about 0.5 cm in diameter. The cord used is a cotton cord.

The strap is adjustable. It opens as wide as 11 inches and closes to 6 inches at its smallest.

ALERT: The Retro 70s Shungite Bracelet arrives to us fresh from the Shungite Mine in Russia, which means it could still have some Shungite powder on it. Wiping the stones gently with a damp cloth will remove any Shungite powder residue. We recommend doing this before wearing it. If you do get some Shungite powder residue on your skin, it is completely non-toxic and will easily wash off with soap and water.

Origin: Russia

Weight 0.05 lbs


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