Children’s Shungite Bracelet


We wanted to come up with personal EMF protection for little ones that was easy for them to wear, and nice to look at. Our Children’s Shungite Bracelet fits that description! It provides strong personal protection from all types of EMFs, including 5G. Plus, it offers strong grounding energy. It is easy to put on and take off, and has an adjustable strap that will fit the wrist of a toddler as well as the wrist of a teen. Perfect for the little loved ones in your life!



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Children’s Shungite Bracelet –  EMF Protection & Grounding

Children’s Shungite Bracelet

Our Children’s Shungite Bracelet provides strong EMF protection and grounding for little ones.

Easy to wear, our Children’s Shungite Bracelet is adjustable and fits extra small to small to medium-small wrists.
The bracelet is suitable for toddlers to teens.

Designed with three genuine Authentic Shungite Beads, each Bead is handcrafted from a single Shungite stone.
No cast from powder Beads here!

This ensures the bracelet contains all of the beneficial properties that Shungite stone has to offer.

Children Need EMF Protection

Children are among the most vulnerable demographic in the population when it comes to EMF pollution and
its adverse affects on health.

For one, current safety regulations surrounding wireless radiation exposure are based on full grown adult models.
Studies show that EMFs affect children more than adults due to their thinner skulls and smaller bodies. Being smaller,
it is easier for frequencies to penetrate into their organs and brains.

In addition, children are exposed 24/7 to wireless radiation at schools. For this reason, the need for personal
EMF protection for kids is high.

Shungite EMF Jewelry for Kids

Sometimes you can’t improve on nature.

Shungite stone is a Carbon based stone that formed over 2 billion years old. It consists of a unique matrix of Carbon
molecules that create a Carbon Nano-Technology.

This organic Carbon Nano-Technology has the ability to neutralize radioactive particles and harmonize radiofrequency
radiation, also known as microwave radiation. This has been shown in published studies.

Shungite is one of the only substances that contains naturally occurring Fullerenes. Fullerenes are powerful Carbon Master
Antioxidants that neutralize free-radicals by supplying them with an electron.

When worn on your child’s wrist, the powerful properties of Shungite work to harmonize EMFs while providing strong grounding energy.

For kids who hold their cell phones all day, touch screens emitting wireless radiation all day, sit in wireless radiation at school all day,
and then go home and play on wireless play stations – having them wear personal EMF protection on their wrist is a very smart choice!

Harmonize EMFs

Harness the power of Shungite stone to transform harmful EMFs into beneficial resonances that are no longer stressful to the body.
This can be tested using Muscle Testing.


Shungite’s unique ability to calibrate resonances to match those of the earth give it strong grounding capabilites. Grounding connects us to the energy of the earth and benefits the health of our bodies.

Due to Shungite’s grounding abilities, the stone has been found to balance the nervous system and may help with hyperactivity and ADD.


Our Children’s Shungite Bracelet is adjustable and measures 3.75 inches in circumference at its smallest and 7.75 inches at its largest.
It contains three Authentic Shungite Beads that are each hand carved from a single Shungite stone. Each Bead measures 0.5 cm.

ALERT: The Children’s Shungite Bracelet might arrive with a bit of Shungite powder residue on it. This black powder can be wiped off
with a damp cloth. We recommend doing this before the bracelet is worn. If some powder does get on the skin, it is completely
non-toxic and will easily wash off with soap and water.

Origin:  Russia

Weight 0.04 lbs


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