Stabilizer Bracelet


A chunky unisex bracelet that protects from EMFs while stabilizing your energy. Adorn yourself with 9 high-grade Authentic Shungite Cube Beads.  Harmonize EMFs, ground your body and stabilize your energy with the Stabilizer Bracelet!

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Stabilizer Bracelet –  Personal EMF Protection & Stabilization

Personal EMF Protection

Personal EMF protection provides you with protection from EMFs wherever you might be. With the rise in background radiation, opting to wear or carry personal EMF protection throughout the day is becoming a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle.

Shungite EMF Protection

Blocking or shielding frequencies can be cumbersome, and is not necessarily the best approach to protecting from EMFs. Harmonizing the frequencies is a more holistic approach and one that works to strengthen your body.

Shungite stone consists of an Ancient Carbon Matrix whose unique molecular structure enables it to modify electromagnetic frequencies until they are no longer stressful to the body.

Another way to say this is to say the EMFs are harmonized by the unique structure and composition of the stone.

Shungite Bracelets

Touching screens is a part of our daily reality. All screens emit EMFs. Cell phone screens emit wireless radiation. The amount of radiation our fingers come into contact with when we touch the screen of our cell phone surpasses levels that are currently considered safe by government agencies.

The result is that we are coming into contact with high levels of radiation through our fingertips throughout the day. Our fingers house a lot of nerve endings and, according to Oriental Medicine, a lot of energy meridians.

Wearing Shungite on the wrist provides harmonization of these frequencies and works to protect the wearer from any adverse effects from them.

Authentic Shungite

There are different grades of Shungite. To receive the many benefits of Shungite’s complex Ancient Carbon Matrix, the highest-grade of Shungite stone must be used.

Our Authentic Shungite line uses the highest-grade of Shungite available for carving. Each Shungite piece is hand carved from a single freshly mined stone.


Shungite is known for its strong grounding energy. The stone is able to calibrate frequencies to match those of the earth. This results in an energetic strengthening of the pelvic floor in those who wear or carry the stone, or keep it in their environments. This increase in pelvic floor energy is called grounding.

When Shungite is carved into a cube shape, its grounding abilities increase. When you increase grounding energy, you get a stabilizing force.

Our Stabilizer Bracelet contains 9 Shungite Cube Beads.


Each of the 9 Shungite Cube Beads measures 1 cm x 1 cm x 1 cm. The strap is adjustable. It opens as wide as 13 inches and closes to 8.5 inches at its smallest. Our Shungite Cube Bracelet is unisex.

ALERT: Your Shungite Cube Bracelet might arrive with some black powder on the stones. This black powder is Shungite powder. We recommend wiping down each of the stones with a damp cloth before wearing to remove the powdered residue. Shungite powder is non-toxic and can be washed off the skin with soap and water.

Origin: Russia

Weight 0.05 lbs


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