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  • Shungite Pyramid with Swirl Engraving

    Car Swirl


    Cars act like mini-Faraday Cages. Their metal frames trap EMFs inside, where they become amplified. The Car Swirl is carved from a single piece of Shungite stone and individually engraved to enhance the stone’s EMF clearing abilities. It will harmonize all types of EMFs; wired, wireless and 5G. Use to clear Gas, Hybrid and Electric cars.  Place on dashboard. Peel and stick!

  • Shungite Pyramid

    Power-Up Pyramid


    Our Power-Up Pyramid is carved from a single Shungite stone, never cast from Shungite powder. The Power-Up Pyramid harmonizes EMFs, grounds and revitalizes the energy in a space. If your space needs a lift, look no further than the Power-Up Pyramid.

  • Hi-Pyramid



    Harmonize EMFs while sending out life affirming energy with our Hi-Pyramid. Carved from a single stone of Shungite, never cast from Shungite powder, our Hi-Pyramid will add beauty and good vibes to your space!

  • Shungite pyramid

    The Great Pyramid


    The Great Pyramid – Whole House EMF Protection The Great Pyramid harmonizes EMFs while increasing good vibes! Weighing in at roughly 20 pounds with an 8 inch base, the Pyramid is a substantial piece of Shungite that is both practical and beautiful. It makes a striking centerpiece and has the timeless look of stone, which…