Car Swirl


Cars act like mini-Faraday Cages. Their metal frames trap EMFs inside, where they become amplified. The Car Swirl is carved from a single piece of Shungite stone and individually engraved to enhance the stone’s EMF clearing abilities. It will harmonize all types of EMFs; wired, wireless and 5G. Use to clear Gas, Hybrid and Electric cars.  Place on dashboard. Peel and stick!

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Car Swirl – Car EMF Protection

Car EMFs

All cars – Gas, Hybrid and Electric – emit electromagnetic frequencies. Modern cars are jam-packed with electronics; including WiFi Systems, Bluetooth Systems, in-car Computer Systems, GPS Satellite Tracking Systems, in addition to Car Alarms and Keyless Entry.

Cars act like mini-Faraday Cages. The metal casing of cars traps the electromagnetic frequencies inside, allowing for the build-up of frequencies. This results in increasing amounts of EMF exposure for those traveling in the car.

The use of cell phones inside cars has been found to drastically increase the amount of radiation from the phone. This is because cell phones need to work harder when in a moving vehicle to continually keep a connection. This means the strength of the signal increases, which also increases the amount of radiation emitted.

Electric cars run entirely on batteries, while Hybrid cars use a gas engine and an electric motor. Both types of vehicles utilize batteries which emit strong EMF fields, which both drivers and passengers are continuously exposed to during travel.

The Car Swirl clears all types of EMFs – wired, wireless and 5G – and Geopathic Stress, in addition to providing strong grounding energy. It projects a clearing field for up to 12 feet in all directions, enabling it to clear 144 square feet of space, making it perfect to use for clearing most vehicles.

EMF Protection for Gas Cars, Hybrid Cars and Electric

The Car Swirl is carved from a single piece of Authentic Shungite stone, rather than cast from Shungite powder. The Organic Carbon and Fullerenes found in our high-grade Shungite act as energy filters and harmonize harsh EMFs. The harmonization process renders these once stressful frequencies beneficial.

Wired, wireless and 5G are all harmonized by the Car Swirl. In addition, it emits a strong grounding energy. The Car Swirl projects a clearing field for 12 feet in all directions, enabling it to clear 144 square feet of space. This makes the Car Swirl perfect to use for clearing most vehicles.

Authentic Shungite

An ancient remedy for the modern problem of EMF pollution, Authentic Shungite is a 2 billion year old stone. A unique Carbon-based stone, Authentic Shungite possesses both clearing and restorative properties. It’s ability to harmonize electromagnetic frequencies and radiations has been known in Russia, where the stone is found, and has been used for clearing radiation there for decades.

The stone’s high Carbon count – along with its unique molecular structure of the Carbon – have made it highly sought after for purification of energy, air and water. It is one of the few substances known to possess natural Fullerenes, which are hollow-bodied molecules of Carbon.

Fullerenes are considered Master Antioxidants, with some researchers claiming that Fullerenes are the most powerful antioxidant currently known to man.

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is not mysticism but the science of shapes. Different shapes produce different energy fields. This can be seen in nature. Shungite carved into the shape of a pyramid strengthens and increases the stone’s clearing field.

Counter clockwise swirls can be found in nature, mostly in shells, as this shape is able to focus and amplify energy. The counter clockwise swirl that is engraved on the Car Swirl works to amplify the stone’s clearing field. This creates a stronger field with better capabilities for clearing the harsh radiations found in today’s cars.


Grounding is a property Authentic Shungite possesses that surpasses the grounding abilities of all other stones. This is probably due to Authentic Shungite’s unique ability to conduct electricity. Grounding using Authentic Shungite happens through resonance, rather than having to physically place one’s feet on the earth – which is the oldest way to ground and probably why a lot of tribal cultures never developed shoes – even in snow they often went barefoot.

Grounding in itself aids in EMF protection. A lot of people get drowsy in cars and attribute it to the motion of the vehicle. While the motion can be a contributing factor, studies have found using a cell phone while driving increase the chances of getting drowsy. In addition to clearing the EMFs, bringing in grounding energy can help to keep one’s energy focused while behind the wheel.

Geopathic Stress

Studies have found that cars parked regularly over Geopathic Stress Zones tend to need more frequent repair. Geopathic Stress is the name given to naturally occurring earth frequencies that have gone ‘bad’. Instead of being beneficial to life, these frequencies are now stressful. Apparently, they are also stressful to machinery! The Car Swirl will clear all Geopathic Stress Zones within its clearing field.

How To Use

The Car Swirl is best placed on the car’s dashboard. We recommend placing it so the side with the Swirl is facing into the car. For those who do not want to place the Car Swirl on the dashboard, it can be placed in the glove compartment or the console.

The Car Swirl’s base measures 2 inches by 2 inches and it is roughly 1 3/4 inches in height.

It comes with adhesive on bottom, so just peel and stick!

The Car Swirl will not wear out over time nor does it require recharging. It will continue to clear for as long as you have it.

ALERT: The engraved Swirl design on the Car Swirl will look as though it has lines in it. This is not an imperfection in the stone or the carving, but is normal when carving Shungite. Our Authentic Shungite is a raw stone with naturally occurring veins. These veins can become more pronounced when the stone is polished and carved. They can look imperfections, but they are just part of the stone.

Origin: Russia

Weight .1625 lbs

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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Help me to feel better about all the electronics in my car.

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    How should I notice the effect of the product?

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It works great!

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It gives an extra buffer from emf.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I use this in Jesus name!! It WORKS just like the pendant. Awesome products!!!!

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