The Great Pyramid


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The Great Pyramid – Whole House EMF Protection

The Great Pyramid harmonizes EMFs while increasing good vibes!

Weighing in at roughly 20 pounds with an 8 inch base, the Pyramid is a substantial piece of Shungite that is both practical and beautiful. It makes a striking centerpiece and has the timeless look of stone, which allows it to work with any decor.

The Great Pyramid delivers strong EMF clearing abilities while creating a resonance that is conducive to wellness. It has a clearing reach of 81 feet in all directions, giving it a total clearing reach of 6561 square feet. The Pyramid will clear all types of electromagnetic frequencies; wired EMFs and wireless radiations, including 5G. The Great Pyramid will also clear all types of Geopathic Stress zones; including Curry Lines, Hartmann Lines, Energy Vortexes and radiations from underground water.

The power to purify air of contaminants and to eradicate radon in homes are lesser known qualities that are attributed to this 2 billion year old stone. Recent studies from Russia have also shown rooms that contain Shungite to have fewer airborne microbes than rooms that do not.

Authentic Shungite

Each Great Pyramid is carved from a single piece of high-grade, Authentic, Type III Shungite stone, rather than cast from Shungite powder.  Our Authentic Shungite contains between 30% – 50% Carbon, whereas lesser grades will contain only 20% Carbon.  This gives the stone a stronger clearing field.

High-grade Shungite possesses many beneficial clearing and healing properties. These properties have been documented in modern times by Russian researchers and scientists who have utilized the stone in Russia for harmonizing EMFs and to augment healing and recovery.

The Pyramid in Sacred Geometry

Carving high-grade Shungite into various shapes works to alter the clearing field of the stone. Different shapes create different resonances. This is the science of Sacred Geometry. Shapes can be seen throughout the natural world, as the shape of an object tens to dictate its energy field. When carved into a pyramid, the clearing field of Shungite is made stronger and more focused. Many who are familiar with Sacred Geometry will know of the beneficial properties associated with the pyramid shape. When carved into a pyramid, the properties of the shape are imbued into the Shungite.

Pyramids are associated with preservation and rejuvenation. Studies done using plants and fruits show that both the plants and the fruits flourish when placed underneath a pyramid shape. Fruits and meats placed underneath a pyramid stave off decay much faster than the fruit or meat that is not exposed to the Pyramid’s energy field.

Custom Made

The Great Pyramid is Custom Made.  Each Great Pyramid is carved from a single piece of Authentic Type III Shungite.

Special Details

The Great Pyramid has an 8 inch base and is roughly 9 inches in height and weighs roughly 20 pounds. The dimensions of each Great Pyramid will vary slightly, as each is individually made. The Great Pyramid is polished. As high-grade Authentic Shungite is a ‘soft’ stone, the edges of the Pyramid will not come to a sharp point, but will look more rounded. This is simply due to the stone being high-grade and containing a high amount of Organic Carbon, which is very soft.

Origin: Russia


We do not accept returns on Great Pyramids as they are Custom Made.

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in


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