Harmonize EMFs while sending out life affirming energy with our Hi-Pyramid. Carved from a single stone of Shungite, never cast from Shungite powder, our Hi-Pyramid will add beauty and good vibes to your space!

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Hi-Pyramid – EMF Protection and Life Affirming Energy

Shungite Hi-Pyramid

Our Shungite Hi-Pyramid is a perfect combination of high-grade Authentic Shungite carved into a high-pyramid shape.

Shungite carved into a pyramid produces a very strong EMF clearing field. This is due to the power inherent in the shape of the pyramid.

Our Hi-Pyramid can be used to clear 784 square feet of space from all types of electromagnetic frequencies, including 5G.

It will also clear all types of Geopathic Stress Zones while sending out a strong grounding energy that helps keep us connected to the resonance of the earth.

Life Affirming

Pyramid shapes have been found to have life affirming energy. All biological life has been found to be improved by the resonance of pyramids. Produce keeps longer and crops have better yields when exposed to pyramid shapes.

Tall Pyramids

While all pyramid shapes have been found to produce a beneficial effect on life, pyramids that are higher than they are wide have been found to have some unique beneficial properties.

Scientists and researchers who study the tall pyramid shape say the shape has the ability to:
• Create a boost in immunity
• Lessen the effects of radioactivity
• Increase libido
• Improve germination of seeds
• Improve the effectiveness of medicines

How To Use

The Hi-Pyramid can be used in homes, businesses or offices to harmonize EMFs and create a beneficial resonance for life.
Several Hi-Pyramids can be placed throughout a space for Whole House Clearing.

As Hi-Pyramids are energy enhancing, we don’t recommend placing them directly in bedrooms. For bedroom clearing, we recommend using the Sphere Harmonizer.


Base: 3 inches
Height: 6 inches

Origin: Russia

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 6 in


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