INT Journal of Cancer Prevention Publishes Study Shows

Several Israeli researchers, medical doctors and scientists conducted a study to determine whether or not there was an association between living near cell towers and cancer. Their findings showed that the cancer rate for those living in close proximity to cell towers was greater than the cancer rate for the general population. This study was published in the International Journal of Cancer Prevention and is currently being used by several Activist groups who are trying to stop the installation of cell towers near schools.

The purpose of the study was stated as such:

“Significant concern has been raised about possible health effects from exposure to radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic fields, especially after the rapid introduction of mobile telecommunications systems ”

“Parents are especially concerned with the possibility that children might develop cancer after exposure to the RF emissions from mobile telephone base stations erected in or near schools.”

“The aim of this study is to investigate whether there is an increased cancer risk incidence in populations, living in a small area, and exposed to RF radiation from a cell tower transmitter station.”

The study was conducted using two control groups. One group consisted of 622 people living nearby a cell tower station (within 350 meters) while the other group consisted of 1222 people whose homes were further away from the cell tower. The groups were matched according to age, work environment and overall living conditions. The group living near the cell tower had been exposed to the RF frequencies for one year at the start of the study, as this is when the tower was erected.

In the high exposure area, the study found 8 different kinds of cancer were diagnosed among the 622 participants within just one year of RF exposure. This was compared to 2 cases of cancer found within the lower RF exposure group of 1222.

The study also revealed a higher incidence of these cancers among women, rousing new questions in regards to differences in susceptibility from RF exposure that might exist due to hormones, etc.

The published study was the first to show a concrete relationship between exposure to RF frequencies and cancer in humans, as earlier studies had shown a cancer/RF correlation in lab animals.

The researchers concluded:

“The study indicates an association between increased incidence of cancer and living in proximity to a cell-phone transmitter station.”

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