According to a recent survey, 60 million Americans can’t get to sleep at night. Worry, pressure, and stress are always cited as the main culprits and relaxation techniques are always offered as a remedy. However, a study conducted in Sweden and published in the Journal of Sleep Research found that it might not be all in your head.

This study, conducted by Professor Åkerstedt Torbjörn of Sweden, found that common electromagnetic frequencies greatly affect the normal human sleep cycle. The Study enlisted 18 healthy subjects and monitored their normal sleep cycle. Then, the subjects were exposed to a continuous 50 HZ EMF Field during the night and there sleep cycle was monitored again.

The researchers found a drastic change in the subject’s sleep. Exposure to an EMF Field during sleep resulted in a reduction of:

• Total sleep time
• Sleep efficiency
• Depth of sleep
• Slow Wave Sleep

Slow Wave Sleep is the deep sleep that is not characterized by Rapid Eye Movement. Studies have found that Slow Wave Sleep is the time when the brain processes new memories from the day as well as recovers from its daily activities. Impaired Slow Wave Sleep has been found to lessen overall performance of tasks.

In addition, Growth Hormone secretion is always highest during the Slow Wave Sleep Phase, indicating this Phase is linked with body repair.

In Europe, where this study was conducted, 50 Hz is the main frequency used in their power supply. In America as well as Asia, 60 Hz is the main frequency used. This means the power lines, transformer boxes, electrical outlets, breaker boxes, everyday appliances, etc., run on either a 50 Hz or 60 Hz frequency.

The study concluded that:

“A 50-Hz electromagnetic field impairs sleep.”

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