A study out of the Department of Physiology in Columbia University, New York has found that exposure to both ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) and RF (Radio Frequency) activates the cellular stress response.

The cellular stress response is a protective mechanism that promotes the release of stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones are designed to help the body during a ‘fight or flight’ response, and even during times of famine.

While a little of these hormones are appropriate, research is finding that continually high levels of the stress hormone cortisol is linked to chronic health problems.

Shawn Talbott, PhD, FACSM, author of The Cortisol Connection, has linked the continual activation of the stress response to many health issues, including the metabolic syndrome, diabetes, osteoporosis, weight gain, as well as infertility, depression and insomnia. On weight gain, he says this, ” Stress makes a person overweight because of an excessive secretion of the stress hormone cortisol, along with a reduced secretion of key anabolic hormones, such as DHEA, testosterone and growth hormones. This combination of highly catabolic cortisol and reduced anabolic hormones causes the body to store fat, lose muscle, slow metabolic rate and increase appetite…”

While most people are looking to lower their stress hormones for health reasons through diet, exercise, supplementation and sleep, they might not realize that their continual exposure to EMF fields from their favorite gadgets is a major contributing factor to these hormones increasing.

The Columbia University study concludes:

“It is clear that in order to protect living cells, EMF safety limits must be changed from the current thermal standard, based on energy, to one based on biological responses that occur long before the threshold for thermal changes.”

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