Hypothyroidism is on the rise

According to a study out of the Department of Biophysics at Gaza University in Turkey, diet and lack of iodine are not the only culprits.

It seems that modulating Radiofrequency Fields (the exact types which are emitted by cell phones, cell towers, cordless phones, etc.) have a detrimental effect on the Thyroid Gland.

When exposed to these frequencies, the Thyroid Gland undergoes several changes. First, the Gland’s cells experience a high occurrence of death, also called apoptosis. Apoptosis is a type of programmed cell death that allows cells to self-destruct if they are becoming abnormal.

The study also found that exposure to Radiofrequency Fields (RF Radiation ) lowered the Thyroid Gland’s output of its hormones. With less Thryoid Hormone, the body’s metabolism will slow, resulting in potential weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, irritability and insomnia. Lower output of Thyroid Hormone is diagnosed as Hypothyroidism.

In addition to secreting less of its own Hormones, the Thyroid Glands exposed to the RF Radiation also increased in size, called hypothyrophy. Enlargement of any Gland is indication of a Gland under duress,
The results of the study were:

“Morphological analyses revealed hypothyrophy of the gland in the 900 MHz RF exposure group. The results indicated that thyroid hormone secretion was inhibited by the RF radiation.

The study concluded that:

“The overall findings indicated that whole body exposure to pulse-modulated RF radiation that is similar to that emitted by global system for mobile communications (GSM) mobile phones can cause pathological changes in the thyroid gland by altering the gland structure and enhancing…pathways of apoptosis.”

The Thyroid Gland is know to absorb high amounts of radiation. This we know due to nuclear fall-out. The Gland relies on healthy radiation emitted naturally from the earth and the sun for function. Much like exposure to nuclear radiation, RF Radiation will be absorbed by the Gland in place of healthy radiations and will work to inhibit the Gland’s function.

The study also went on to mention the global rise in Thyroid Cancer:

“Diagnoses of cancer in this gland in the neck are increasing about 6% a year, faster than cancers found anywhere else, according to one National Cancer Institute analysis.”

In summary:

“Pulse modulated 900 MHz radiation induces hypothyroidism and apoptosis in thyroid cells.”

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