Electromagnetic Protection: Once upon a time, everyone drank the tap water…

Electromagnetic protection is a newer market that has been a bit misunderstood. The word ‘scam’ has been associated with Electromagnetic Protection Devices because, well, you can’t SEE this new type of pollution so, how do you know it even exists, let alone look for an Electromagnetic Protection Device to get rid of it!

In the words of Dr. Andrew Weil, Holistic Health Expert and Best-selling Author, “Electromagnetic Pollution may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced in the century, all the more dangerous because it is invisible and insensible.”

Just like filtering your tap water, and buying organic, non-GMO food, protection from electromagnetic radiation is a step towards keeping yourself and your family healthy.

Is Electromagnetic Protection a Scam?

Much like those who claim the science of Homeopathy is a fraud because Homeopathic Remedies do not contain any crude material, there are those who find it hard to understand how electromagnetic frequencies can be ‘cleared’.

Electromagnetic frequencies are particles and waves of energy. Energy can be changed. It can be filtered, altered, transformed, transmuted and conditioned. But it can not be destroyed.

Many organic materials found in nature do this very effectively. Quartz Crystals, Clays, various Gemstones and Rare Earths are just a few of these naturally occurring materials that are organic radiation filters and exceptional conductors of energy…

While it is true that no Electromagnetic Protection Device can eliminate the “thermal-heating” associated with radiation (think hot ear from using a cell phone), it is a very limited view of energy to think that these frequencies are beyond being altered to the point of no longer being stressful to the human body.

Do You Know How Your Computer Works?

Most people have no idea how their computer works. I mean really works. If you tried to explain it to them, I mean really explain it to them, they would think it sounded absurd. Rare Earths are major components of all the gadgets we use, be it IPhones, iPads, iPods, Smartphones, Computers, etc.

All modern technology is based on the superconductivity of naturally occurring minerals in the earth.

With Quartz Crystal in the form of silicon being the ultimate superconductor (all fiber optics are silicone-based), and Rare Earths coming next. Rare Earths are a particular set of elements in the Periodic Table who share common properties, one of them seeming to be a great ability to conduct energy.

Authentic Shungite: An Ancient Remedy for Modern Problem

Authentic Shungite is a stone thought to be over 2 billion years old found only in Russia. Containing a high percentage of Organic Carbon in a very rare structure, Shungite has been used by the Russians for harmonizing electromagnetic frequencies and radiations for decades. Shungite’s use as a folk remedy in Russia goes back hundreds of years to the time of Peter The Great.

How to Create an EMF Safe Space

As most people do not have the luxury of going completely ‘off-grid’ and doing away with all the technology and EMF exposure risks that come with it, we advocate common-sense EMF clearing tactics.

1. Limit use of all wireless phones. Limit time on cell phones and cordless phones. If you must use them, put them on speaker so they are further from the brain. Do not use your cell phone as an alarm clock. Keep your cell phone, iPhone, etc. away from you during sleep, preferably move them (and rechargers) out of the bedroom at night.

2. Don’t let children use cell phones. Truth being, we have no idea how children’s future reproductive health might be harmed by use of cell phones pre and during puberty. Again, if older children need to have a phone, teach them to use it on speaker. Don’t let them keep it near them during sleep.

3. Go back to a wired internet connection, if possible.

4. Try to avoid having major technologies in the bedroom and/or on the opposite wall from a bed.

5. Try to opt-out of Smart Meter installations.

6. Avoid placing your laptop on your lap. (The literature that comes with your laptop contains a warning that laptops should not be placed on the lap.)

7. Stick to driving a traditional car, rather than an Electric or Hybrid.

8. If using a wireless internet connection in the home, be sure to shut it off at night and whenever it is not in use.

9. Try to avoid wireless fences for your pet. These fences with wireless collars can be a severe health risk to your pet.

Top Ten: EMF Clearing for Homes

Most homes in the modern world suffer from the same EMF problems. Here are the Top Ten items that are common in most homes and that we feel should be cleared:

1. Cell phones and cordless phones

2. Wireless routers

3. Computers/laptops/tablets

4. Smart Meters

5. Large screen TVs

6. Electric Alarm Clocks

7. Wireless Alarm Systems

8. Pet Wireless Fences

9. Breaker Boxes if in a room where people spend time or near a bedroom

10. Water Heaters

Top Ten: Clearing Environmental EMF Concerns

This is about the stuff that is coming into your home from EMF polluters in your vicinity.

1. Powerlines

2. Cell Towers

3. 5G Antennas

4. Neighboring wifi signals

5. Rooftop Cell Antennas

6. Transformer Boxes

7. Neighborhood Smart Meters

8. Airport and Military Radar

9. Geopathic Stress Zones

10. GPS Satellite Systems

Electromagnetic Protection Devices

Holistic approaches to health always yield the best results, as the body functions as one unit. That is why we advocate a holistic approach to protecting from electromagnetic frequencies. Blocking or shielding from EMFs is an approach that we do not advocate using on any great level. Preliminary , unpublished, studies on blocking EMFs show that the body requires a supply of good frequencies to be healthy. When blocking EMFs, both the good and the bad frequencies are blocked. Over time, this can cause a weakening to the body, as it is missing crucial frequencies that give it strength.

That is why we recommend the harmonization of EMFs. Harmonizing them results in taking away the stressful nature of the frequencies. They are still present, and technology cleared can be used without any diminishing of signals, but the frequencies no longer cause stress to the body. This can be seen via basic Muscle Testing or Kiniseology.

You can read more about why harmonization is the best approach to EMF clearing on our EMF Protection page. You can also look into our Shungite EMF Protection Devices that both harmonize EMFs and ground the body.

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