Untested 5G

According to Dr. Devra Davis, scientist and founder of the Environmental Health Trust, “If you are one of the millions who seek faster downloads of movies, games…, a solution is at hand, that is, if you do not mind volunteering your living body in a giant uncontrolled experiment on the human population.” She is, of course, referring to 5G.

Along with many prominent scientists and researchers, Dr. Davis proposes all new technology be thoroughly tested before being released to the public. “Training and research in bioelectromagnetics, including the evaluation of new technologies, is essential before universal deployment,” says Dr. Davis.

5G For Crowd Control

Isreali research studies were the first to reveal that the electromagnetic frequencies used in 5G were the same as those used in crowd control weapons. Further research has confirmed that these 5G waves “interactdirectly with human skin, specifically the sweat glands…” as well as the eyes.

Human sweat glands act as antennas for 5G. Each individual sweat gland picks up a 5G signal. With the amount of sweat glands on the human body being so extensive, it is easy to see how scientists are concerned about the effects of 5G radiation exposure on humans. The eyes, being the organs that absorb the most radiation, run the risk of thermal heating of their tissue from 5G exposure, which research shows could lead to cataracts and other eye problems.

Re-Evaluate 5G Health Affects

“There is an urgent need to evaluate 5G health effects now before millions are exposed…,” states scientist Ron Melnick, who helped lead the recent National Toxicology Program study on cell phone radiofrequency radiation.

According to Dr. Davis. “We need the potential adverse health impacts of 5G to be seriously evaluated before we blanket our children, ourselves and the environment with this radiation.”

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