Shungite Water

Shungite is a mysterious stone found only in Russia. The stone itself is thought to be over 2 billion years old.

Scientists speculate as to its origins, as it contains specific forms of Organic Carbon that have been found to come from outer-space. This has led many to speculate that Shungite deposits are the result of a meteorite that hit the earth over 2 billion years ago.

While the origins of the stone are unknown, the written history of its use in Russia dates back to the reign of Ivan the Terrible.

Ivan the Terrible held the position of Tsar in Russia from 1547-1575. Chronicles have been found from this period that mention a black stone which they called ‘black slate’. (At that time, the stone was not yet named Shungite.) It was noted that the spring water that came forth through this black slate was very pure and clean water and was sought after by many.

Ivan the Terrible’s son, Feodor I, became the next Tsar of Russia and ruled from 1584 -1598. There was internal conflict within the ruling classes after Feodor’s reign. Boris Godunov became Tsar and the last remaining line of Ivan the Terrible was excommunicated from Russia.

One of the wives, Xenia Romanova, was brought to near death through imprisonment and starvation. After Boris Godunov died, Xenia was freed and was saved from death by local peasant’s who used the ‘miracle water’ from the black slate springs for her recovery.

In Russian history, the saving of Xenia from death is very important, as she was reunited with her son, Micheal I, and together they were able to regain the rule of Russia for their line. Michael I then served as the First Tsar for the Romanov Dynasty, ruling from 1613 -1645.

The spring from which the peasants used the water to recover the noble lady was renamed for her. It became known as the “Spring of the Princess”.

Shungite is not again mentioned in Russian chronicles until the reign of Peter the Great, which began in 1682 and ended in 1725. Peter the Great opened a Copper Mine in 1714 and was faced with the workers becoming poisoned from the ore and falling very ill. It was found that the ‘living water’ from a nearby spring was able to recover the workers in three days.

Peter the Great, intrigued, ordered an investigation of the spring water which flowed from a deposit of the ‘black slate’. The investigation commissioned by Peter the Great clearly showed the health giving properties of the water. It showed the water had properties that made it helpful for healing scurvy and liver disorders, among other ailments.

Peter the Great eventually ordered the construction of the first Russian Spa at the site of the ‘living water’ spring. He called the spa Martial Waters and constructed three wooden palaces. One was for his use, one was for his family and his courts, and the third was for patients and staff.

It appears that Peter the Great used the Martial Waters Spa to recover his own health at the advice of his doctor. The waters were also used by Peter the Great to recover his army.

The wooden palaces were destroyed by fire in 1780, which put and end to the first Shungite Spa.

While Shungite Spas are no longer readily available, at least for the time being, it is possible to create your own Shungite Water at home by using Elite Noble Shungite stones.

The stones should be boiled first to sanitize them, and then they can be set in a water jug. We recommend starting your Shungite Water using filtered water, rather then unfiltered tap water. The stones can be left at the bottom of a jug and the water can be continually refilled, which will lessen the time for the new water to be charged.

For making Shungite Water, there is no hard rule for the amount of stones needed for a specific amount of water. As our Noble Elite Shungite stones are very high-quality, we feel less stones can be used to obtain very good Shungite Water.

We recommend one stone for use in 1/2 gallon of water, but you can certainly use more! For one stone in 1/2 gallon water, we recommend allowing the water to charge for several hours to overnight.

‘Shungite, Protection, Healing and Detoxification’ by Regina Martino

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