Reduction of RF Radiation in Schools

The San Francisco Teacher Union has passed a Resolution calling for the reduction of RF radiation in San Francisco schools. The resolution became official on May 23rd, 2018. The Press Release for the Resolution states:

“San Francisco educators closed the school year with the passage of a safer technology resolution that aims to provide simple steps to reduce exposure to radio frequency (RF) wireless energy for children, adolescents and educators in San Francisco schools.”

According to educators, the resolution was inspired by the results of the 2018 US National Toxicology Program study on RF radiation which showed rodents exposed to RF experienced tumor growth as well as damage to DNA.

Sarah Aminoff, a SF educator, had this to say regarding the Resolution which she presented to the SF Teacher’s Board:

“Published and peer-reviewed research has found cell phones and Wi-Fi can impact the brain, the Cleveland Clinic recommends reducing exposure due to their research that found impacts to the reproductive system. This is not just about our educators, what about our students whose physiology is still developing?”

The Resolution on Enhancing Technology Safety

Here is an excerpt from the Resolution as drafted by the United Educators of San Francisco:

“WHEREAS, cell phones emit radiofrequency energy when they send and receive signals to and from cell towers, and

WHEREAS, cell phone usage in the United States continues to increase, especially among children, and

WHEREAS, the science surrounding the emission of radio-frequency energy from cell phones has not reached a level of consensus within the scientific community, and

WHEREAS, current research is suggesting long-term high usage of cell phones and the concomitant exposure to the energy emitted by those cell phones may impact human health, and

WHEREAS, the developing brains of children and adolescents may be more affected than others by cell phone use
, and

WHEREAS, the California Department of Public Health, in December of 2017, issued guidelines on reducing exposure to radiofrequency energy from cell phones…

WHEREAS, the science in this area is still evolving, enough concern exist that implementing simple steps can reduce exposure for children, adolescents and adults, and

WHEREAS, the public school district in Ashland, Massachusetts, through its own review of the matter, has instituted district-wide “best practices for mobile devices” aimed at reducing wireless radiation exposures…”

United Educators of San Francisco

The UESF is an organization that represents over 6000 teachers and nurses who work within the San Francisco School District. After California’s Department of Public Health issued their Cell Phone Guidelines in 2017, the UESF became very concerned with the amount of wireless radiation being permitted in schools.

At the close of the Press Release for the Resolution, UESF states it has a responsibility to “Improve the terms and conditions under which adults and children work and learn.” According to the UESF, reducing the amount of RF radiation both students and adults are exposed to in the schools is a step towards this goal.

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