Space-clearing is a term that has been traditionally used used to describe the practice of using candles or sage to purify the energy of a space of negativity.

The space-clearing we’re talking about is a different type of clearing. Rather than clearing negative energy, we’re focused on clearing harmful electromagnetic frequencies!

Background Radiation

At one time, the only background radiation that existed on the planet was natural radiation from the sun and the soil. These natural radiations are beneficial to life.

Currently, agencies such as the EPA only acknowledge this natural form of background radiation. They do not address the background radiation that is now present due to the advent of telecommunications.

Telecommunications is defined as the transmission of information by various types of technologies over wire, radio, optical, or other electromagnetic systems. Cell phones, cell towers, wifi, 5G, bluetooth, Smart Meters, Smart Homes and GPS are all categorized as telecommunications.

Telecommunications have created a grid of microwave radiation that covers the majority of the planet 365 days a year and 24/7. This is a new form of background radiation that is artificial and has been found to interact negatively with our bodies and the natural world.

EMF Pollution

With the advent of wireless communications in the mid 1990s, a drastic change took place. The proliferation of cell towers led to a new type of pollutant.

Almost overnight, EMF pollution became the new toxin.

Thanks to the Telecommunications Act of 1996, there were hardly any restrictions or regulations around the erecting of cell towers. Without much in the way of restrictions, the amount of cell towers were able to proliferate almost exponentially.

The Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) published an account of the number of cell towers in the USA at the end of 2022. At the time of this writing, the end of 2023, these numbers have probably gone up.

  • 142,100 cellular towers were in operation;
  • 209,500 macrocell sites, not including small cells, were deployed;
  • 678,700 macrocell sectors, not including small cells, were in operation;
  • 452,200 outdoor small cell nodes were in operation; and
  • 747,400 indoor small cell nodes were in use, including private CBRS networks, DAS, small cells and mmWave and other licensed frequency bands.

Digital Era

Outside of Dr. George Carlo, who was the first scientist to take a public stand against the Telecommunication Industry’s labeling of cell phone radiation as ‘safe’ and wrote a book in 2002 about the hazards of wireless radiation, there was little to no information being dispersed to the public regarding the health implications of the Digital Era.

The Digital Era was unleashed on the public without any warnings in regards to radiation levels and health. Cell phones were allowed to enter into the marketplace without any testing. Decades later, 5G radiation was also allowed without any testing.

This is all despite the US Governments own National Toxicology Program study which found lab animals developed tumors when exposed to cell phone radiation over a period of years.


Since the beginning of the Digital Era, the amount of artificial background radiation has risen exponentially.

Over the past several years, the advent of 5G has led to an increase in a different type of background radiation known as high-millimeter waves.

These types of waves have never been tested for human safety and there is much evidence they pose a substantial health threat to all life on earth.

What’s more, 5G radiation is forming the backbone of the electronic grid, also called the Internet of Things. This 5G radiation grid will connect all wireless devices to one another, adding much more radiation to our backgrounds!

Regardless of the wireless devices that one personally uses or has in their home, the amount of background radiation one is exposed to in the 21st century is thousands of times what a person living 100 years ago was.

Outdated Science

While the established science world holds fast to the outdated theory that only radiation levels high enough to actually heat tissue are dangerous, there is ample scientific evidence that disputes this.

The FCC has been brought to court over this recently, and lost. It seems the FCC, who regulates radiation levels in the US, has not bothered to update their regulations based on any of the new studies that have come out since 1995.

These newer studies clearly show that low levels of radiation, too low to actually heat tissue, are able to cause biological changes to our bodies. These are changes such as breaks in DNA that can lead to conditions such as cancer and birth defects.

Radiation from cell phones and wifi fit into this description. Not something the FCC wants to have to admit. If they did, cell phones, wifi, bluetooth and 5G could no longer be made available to the public due to their negative impact on health.

Rural Areas Not Always Safer

While some people attempt to avoid exposure by moving away from urban areas, some rural areas can be as heavily polluted as cities when it comes to background radiation due to clusters of towers and high-tension power lines that are often established in areas that are less densely populated.

Just because it is the countryside, does not mean it is free from harmful background radiation. Always do your due diligence and check for cell towers. Antenna Search is a free tool that can be helpful.

Rather than trying to escape from these frequencies, which is becoming harder to do, we recommend space-clearing.

When it comes to background radiation, space-clearing simply means harmonizing the electromagnetic frequencies in your environment so they are no longer detrimental to health, but rather beneficial. Another term for harmonizing frequencies is transmuting them. In short, to harmonize or transmute means to change the essence of the frequency, without changing the actual frequency.

Harmonizing Frequencies

When it comes to harmonizing frequencies, natural approaches tend to work best.

Most people are familiar with using carbon filters for water and air purification, but they are not as familiar with using carbon for harmonizing electromagnetic frequencies.

Carbon Matrix

A rare and ancient form of carbon matrix found in nature has the ability to transmute electromagnetic radiations into beneficial resonances. It accomplishes this through its unique molecular structure.

Hollow-bodied molecules of carbon absorb EMFs, filter them, and then rebroadcast them out. These molecules are known as fullerenes, and they are referred to as carbon nano-tech due to their many varied uses in science and medicine.

Ancient Stone

This unique carbon matrix is found only in Shungite stone. Shungite stone is a naturally occurring stone that was formed over 2 billion years ago during the Pre-Cambrian era. While science has created an artificial version of this carbon matrix structure in the lab, only Shungite stone contains the natural version of it!

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