There are many known factors that can contribute to miscarriages. A good physician will warn a women that during pregnancy she should avoid alcohol, tobacco smoke, and many medications. This physician might also recommend taking prenatal vitamins along with certain supplements. However, even a very knowledgeable physician will probably fail to mention to a woman to take precautions in regards to the amount of EMF exposure her growing baby is being exposed to.

A very popular Australian birthing site recently posted a statement including radiation exposure among the current potential reasons for miscarrying.

According to the site, there are many reasons for miscarriages with “environmental exposures to certain drugs or prescribed medications, smoking, excessive alcohol, radiation, certain chemicals and pesticides…” being among them.

A study out of San Francisco has found that pregnant women who were exposed to higher levels of electromagnetic radiation during pregnancy had an 80% increase in miscarriages as compared to women whose EMF exposure was less.

This study included 900 women who wore an EMF monitor for 24 hours. Each of the women were less than 10 weeks pregnant. The monitor showed the amount of electromagnetic frequencies each woman was exposed to for those 24 hours. The women’s pregnancies were followed and the study found that the women who had been exposed to higher levels of EMFs had an 80% increase in miscarriages over the women whose EMF exposures were less. The risk was even higher for women who had previous pregnancy loss or past issues with infertility.

The reason for the link between EMF exposure and increased risk of miscarriage is not yet known. Theories abound as to how the EMFs might affect the growing baby, but there is no hard science as of yet to back up any theories. However, researchers have done studies noting changes in both the ovaries and the uterus of women after exposure to EMF fields.

Another study has found that pregnant women living near high-voltage power lines were twice as likely to experience spontaneous abortions as were pregnant women who were not living near high-voltage power lines. This doubling of the spontaneous abortion rate was seen within the first 3 months of pregnancy.

In lieu of recent findings, it might stand to reason that EMF pollution should be considered a potential hazard during pregnancy and that precautions should be taken to limit the exposure of the growing baby to these frequencies.

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