Are You Sleeping in an EMF Field?

Just about everybody we know sleeps with an electric alarm clock about two feet from their head. Nobody moves it across the room because, lets face it, who wants to get up to press snooze. All electric alarm clocks emit an electromagnetic field. Sleeping within this electromagnetic field affects your body’s own electromagnetic field and can lead to sleep disturbances, irregular heart beats, accelerated aging, insomnia, hypertension, nightmares and anxiety. Life is stressful enough, who needs their electric alarm clock giving them more stress?

Electric Alarm Clock EMFs Facts

For some reason, people think that a battery operated electric alarm clock doesn’t emit EMFs. Not true. Battery operated alarm clocks can emit just as much EMFs as one that plugs into the wall. If you don’t want an alarm clock emitting electricity, then the only option is to use a wind-up.

An average electric alarm clock emits as much as 5 to 10 milliguass up to 3 feet away. Most people sleep with their alarm clock right next to their head, putting them in this hazardous EMF field throughout the night .

According to the Ancient Art of Feng Shui, the worst thing a person can do for their health is sleep in an EMF field. That’s why clearing the bedroom of all EMFs is Feng Shui’s #1 rule.

Your body heals during sleep. There’s an old saying from the ancient Indian system of healing called Ayurveda that “sleep is the best wet nurse.” If you’re sleeping in an EMF field, your body is unable to heal. Not to mention you feel lousy in the morning…aches and pains, brain fog, etc.

*Tip: Viruses, bacteria and fungi thrive in EMF fields.

How To Clear the EMFs From Your Alarm Clock
It is not necessary to purchase a new anti-emf alarm clock when you can simply spot-clear the EMF field from your current alarm clock.

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