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Growing Healing (formerly EMF Blues) has been selling EMF Protection for the home since 2006. Back then, hardly anyone thought EMFs, short for electromagnetic frequencies, were a problem.

The idea of EMF Pollution was very new then. It was really only the epidemiologist Dr. George Carlo who was out there giving a voice to this idea that the new wireless telecommunications industry that was growing like wildfire might be creating health hazards for the people.

The Wireless Research Technology Program

In the 1990s, Dr. George Carlo was in charge of the Wireless Technology Research program. This program was overseen by a U.S. government Interagency Working Group. Its funding came from a trust put together but the wireless phone industry.

The purpose of the program was to find out what impact, if any, exposure to wireless radiation from cell phones had on the human body.

Dr. Carlo found that cell phone radiation caused biological changes on a cellular level. In fact, the way Dr. Carlo describes it in his book is that the cells would shut down as a way to protect themselves from the radiation. So, instead of allowing nourishment into themselves, and allowing waste out of themselves – the cells became almost inert. Dr. Carlo realized this was the cell reacting to wireless radiation like it was a stressor.

Cell Phone Radiation Dangers

Dr. Carlo was astonished at his findings. He realized the health implications that wireless phone radiation had. He saw the potential for tumor growth, DNA breakage and cancer with long-term exposure.

When he communicated his findings to the heads of the wireless phone industry who were funding the study, he found they were not the least bit interested in hearing about his discovery.

Long-term Exposure

With radiation, it is usually the cumulative effect on the body that creates the real dangers to health.

One issue many scientists who work in the field of studying man-made EMFs have with the current system and safety standards, is that the long-term effects of exposure to wireless radiation has never really been addressed.

Today, there are people who have been using cell phones their entire lives. Beginning in early childhood and going right into adulthood.

Studies have shown that this type of long-term exposure (potentially decades) produces the highest risk for tumors and cancers.

No study has looked at the true impact on health when longterm exposure to wireless radiation has been had.

Background Radiation

Dr. George Carlo was also the first scientist to talk about the huge increase in background radiation and how this might be affecting our health.

One hundred years ago, when many of our grandparents and great grandparents were alive, there was very little in the way of artificial man-made frequencies in our environments.

Beginning in the 1990s, with the passing of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, there was a rapid growth of cell towers.

The Act limited the amount of regulations regarding the construction of these cell towers to enable them to be quickly established.

So, in a matter of a few years, the landscape became home to thousands of cell towers and the average person began to live 24/7 in a sea of background radiation.

Around this time in history, many scientists began referring to EMF Pollution as The Great Experiment.

EMF Pollution: The Great Experiment

The catch phrase The Great Experiment used by scientists was their way of saying that this dramatic change in our environment was done in a short period and without any testing of what its longterm effects might be on health.

In essence, the people were becoming the real life guinea pigs.

Unfortunately, since the 1990s, the situation has only gotten more severe. The amount of wireless tech has only increased. WiFi, Smart Phones, Smart Meters, Smart Homes, the Smart Grid, GPS Tracking, and Bluetooth are now the standard for living and working in the modern world – making EMF Protection for the home even more of a necessity.

A New Standard For Wellness

We have learned a lot in the past several decades about how to keep our environments healthy.

Filtering tap water using a carbon filter is now very commonplace. At one time, no one filtered their tap water. We became educated as to the potential health hazard certain chemicals put in municipal water to keep it clean could have on our bodies.

We also wanted the water to taste better. Filtering it made it so.

Air quality also became a bigger concern. Filtering our air using carbon became more common, especially for those living in congested city areas.

The carbon removed many impurities in the air and made the air feel cleaner. Many found a reduction in allergies as a result of filtering their air.

The reduction of air contaminants also helped people to sleep better and to breath more deeply.

Now, the filtering electromagnetic frequencies and radiations in our environments is becoming necessary to keep ourselves healthy.

Just like we use carbon filters for water and air, carbon can also ‘filter’ frequencies.

Harmonizing Frequencies

The concept of harmonizing frequencies is not readily understood. People try to think about it and understand how it could work.

How is a frequency filtered?

Frequencies are filtered not by a physical filter – like how one would filter air – but by a resonance.

Frequencies are filtered by resonances. When you introduce a new resonance to a frequency, it can alter then wave of the frequency.

It does this not in a way that changes the frequency, but that cleans the frequency up. The new resonance takes away the aspects of the frequency that were causing the stress to the body.

This process is called harmonization. We know about harmony from music. If several voices can come together with the right resonances, they blend and make a new resonance.

The harmonization of EMFs is very similar. A new resonance is introduced, it modulates the frequency present and forces it to adapt to the new resonance in a way that creates a new, beneficial resonance.

The new resonance is harmonious to the body and doesn’t put the body in a stress state.

Shungite Carbon

When using carbon to harmonize EMFs, you can’t just place a carbon filter in the room like you can when filtering air impurities. Using carbon for EMF Protection for the home is a little trickier.

Only molecular carbon is capable of filtering frequencies.

Molecular carbon is a molecule of carbon that is hollow in shape. This hollow shape acts as a chamber, pulling the electromagnetic frequencies into it, filtering them, and then broadcasting them back out.

The frequencies that came into the hollow molecule go out in a harmonized state.

Just like air passing through a carbon filter goes out the other end in a clean state.

These hollow-bodied molecules of carbon are called fullerenes and they are considered to be master antioxidants, able to stop the eruption of free radicals by donating an electron to stabilize them.

Fullerenes are rare on planet earth. Scientists first discovered them in outer space. They then began to synthesize them in labs, as they were not plentiful on earth. Then, it was discovered that the mineraloid Shungite contained them in a concentrated amount.

Shungite, being over 2 billion years old, carries within it molecules of carbon that are capable of harmonizing EMFs and pulling radioactive particles out of water.

This is all due to the special molecules of carbon that this ancient stone contains.

Make Your Home EMF Safe

Today, we are concerned about our water quality and air quality in our home. Both our water and air can be contaminated with toxic chemicals. We are aware of this now. And we take steps to filter our water and air.

Electromagnetic frequencies are now part of the reality of everybody’s energy environments.

Taking steps to harmonize them has become part of healthy living, and a new standard in wellness.

Certain plants, such as spider plants, have been known to help minimize the impact of EMFs in an environment. Water fountains and water falls in homes also helps to neutralize EMFs due to the negative ions created by the falling water.

But it is the molecules of carbon found naturally in high-grade Shungite that offer the ability to harmonize the EMFs and create a more beneficial resonance in the home. EMF Protection for home might not have been considered necessary a decade ago, but it is proving to be extremely important today.

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